Kate and Alan Burrows and their 'Mud Hut' ... I built something similar in Wales in the 80s.

In 1984 my wife and I moved into a caravan on a farm in Wales. The farmer allowed me to clear a large area of turves so as to create a garden. I used the turves to build something similar to what the Burrows have done. Fallen trees from nearby woodland were used to construct a roof, which was then covered with turves. The door was a double thickness wood from an old barn door. We used it as a bedroom … where we could have an absolutely peaceful and totally refreshing sleep. My wife suffered frrom a neurological condition that made her hypersensitive to a wide range of stimuli.

They sound somewhat batty, but harmless, and I love to read about British people doing ancient British things Britishly. More power to them.

And I love that their name is Burrows and they live in a burrow! That they burrowed!

Take a moment to remember poor Thomas and Sadie Snakepit…