Katrina person one year later-have I missed the spoof, or is this guy for real?

If this fellow’s arrogance is to be taken at face value, I don’t know what to say, other than GET THE FUCK OUT!

Jesus, what a lazy fucking piece of shit. And this part made me want to strangle him to death with the TV cable:


This person clearly had no common sense before Hurricane Katrina, and no amount of yelling, cussing, pleading, issuing of court orders or swift kicking to the groin is going to give him any common sense now.

But yeah, he’s for real.

Oh, and what did he spend his money on?



Are you really surprised?

Being taken care of by the Nanny Government is most likely his cultural heritage.

He probably feels the same sense of entitlement as any other tax sucking parasite.

Just make sure you make it to work tomorrow so he can continue the lifestyle he has become accustomed to.

I knew people like this growing up. “The system has been fucking me over all my life. Now it’s my turn for some payback.” Seriously. There is nothing to be said to someone with this mentality.

They’ve given him well over $10k in cash and other compensation. Time to cut him loose. He shouldn’t see another dime. And I hope that article is a wake-up call for FEMA.

Please, do explain.

Yeah, that and eating fried chicken and watermelon. :rolleyes: I’d rather have a nanny government than the one it sounds like you’re in favor of.

You must be fucking ecstatic then, asshole.

So Marley,

Why don’t you expand my apparently racist philosophy.

Please educate me as to why the government should support any abled person regardless of race.

I’ll do it as soon as you tell me what the parasite’s “cultural heritage” is.

I’m not going to speak for Marley. I will say, though, that on first, second and third read, your statement came off sounding quite racist. I asked you to explain (before Marley’s post, actually), but you (apparently) ignored that.

So I’ll ask again – what did you mean by your statement?

OK, jakeoff

are you guys just going to make not quite witty comments, or you going to educate as to why you feel this is a good thing

Nobody said it’s a good thing, moron. We’re asking what the fuck you mean.

Elaborate on this guy’s cultural heritage.

are we debating that their is a segment of the population that has been living this lifestyle for some time and is not interested in anything else?

if you are keying in on the word cultural you are mistaking my intentions, i am refering to the sector of society on the whole who continue this cycle.

as in welfare culture

why does it always have to be a racist thing?

every culture has it’s non-achievers

Sure thing, Skippy. The guy in question is a parasite, and a terrible human being. If you had simply made your post without the term “cultural heritage,” you probably wouldn’t have had the same knee-jerk reaction as folks have had. On preview, I see that you’ve tried to explain yourself. If you don’t understand why what you said is inflammatory, I don’t think I can explain it in small enough words to a cretin who can’t differentiate between “there” and “their.”

i thought i made myself clear.

perhaps i should have said sub-culture, would that make you feel better

and nit picking grammar, quite the intellctual

“Welfare culture” (hey, look, I can use capitals!) sounds like so much Moynihan Report bullshit, but yes, I’m sure there are plenty of people taking advantage of the system. I hope your posts don’t derail this thread, by th eway.

Johnson sounds like a worthless fuckhead, and I’m sure he’s not the only fuckhead who used his FEMA money like an idiot. At least he’s getting what’s coming to him. In the scheme of the government’s post-Katrina financial fuckups, this seems like a small error. Overpaying the cruise lines by crazy amounts of money, to name one, was a much bigger mistake.