Katrina... (Places for Dopers to stay)

Hi folks, this is a wickedly scary storm and I’d just like to offer my house as a place to evacuate to if any dopers need it. I did a quick scan thru the boards and didn’t see a thread like this. I live in NW Arkansas, Bella Vista to be exact and I have space for 4 easily and up to 7-8 if needed for a bit. You can reach me at kaoticnew @ hotmail or call me on my cell for directions. [Removed phone number. - SkipMagic] …I may be overreacting and live to far away…(It’s about 11 hours driving from NOLA) but in the worst case scenario I can surely put you up for a couple of weeks.
Stay dry and Please take care.

Is there another thread for this? I’m amazed that noone has answered. Anyways, if you need a place to stay…just gimme a call. I love NO and go there every year…man, I hope what’s being talked about doesn’t happen. Take care folks in LA, stay as safe as possible.

Just wanted to say that I’m in Baton Rouge, and it started to rain as I read the OP.

They’re using the Astrodome as a shelter and requesting refugees bring five days supply of food, water, and medicine.

The Superdome, not the Astrodome. That’s in Houston, isn’t it?

There’s already thousands of people there, and there’ll be more before this is over. I would not want to be there, though if it were my only option I’d go happily. It’s not going to be a fun 24 hours in New Orleans.

The Astrodome in Houston is no more. The Astros play in Minute Maid Park.

I live kind of far for anyone to stay, but I’m happy to be a go-between to let family know y’all are okay. E-mail me at robincartwright at yahoo dot com.



I meant Superdome.

You’ve made an incredibly nice offer, Kaotic Newtral, and I know it’s very much appreciated.

I think it’s best, though, that we don’t publish our personal phone numbers here where they’ll stay in sight for, well, as long as the board is in existence.

The best thing to do is have people e-mail you a request for your phone number. You can better control who has it that way. I went ahead and removed your phone number from your OP.

Thanks, again, for offering your house. You’re a good person.

That is a tremendous offer, Very kind thing for you to do. We are in Central FL but I wanted to tell you. There may be no one taking the offer now due to many (like our son in Ft Waton) that have disconnected the power from thier computers already to avoid spikes.
But again, a very fine act.

I saw a woman being interviewed that only had a can of diet coke with her. She said she figured that the Red Cross would feed them. She was later interviewed having gotten into the Dome. Five days of food would be a lot of food to carry unless you are an experienced hiker.

If the utilities go out can you imagine what it is going to be like inside the Dome after three days? :eek:

A lot better than they will be on the outside :frowning:

Thanks for editing that Skip…I just wanted people to be able to get ahold of me in any way possible.

Watching the news, it seems that NO was spared the worst but other communities seem to have taken the brunt horrifically. I’m sure a bunch of folks are stranded and they’re not sure for how long, the offer still stands and will until this catastrophe is over. Take care all!