Kavanaugh Hires Female Clerks

I really didn’t, and I was not trying to imply that the clerks that worked for him were selected with disregard for their legal skills. As an associate justice, Kavanaugh should be able to hire whomever he believes most qualified, and quickly staffing up an office means turning to people with whom he has previously worked. There is no particular indication he picked these clerks for unseemly reasons, or alternatively to counter criticism related to the allegations that were levied against him, and while the o.p. was clearly just seeking to vent her understandable frustration, I don’t think it is fruitful to focus on this versus the larger issue of how aggressively and abnormally the confirmation was jammed through despite significant concerns about Kavanaugh’s integrity and temperament to be on the court.


Stranger, the clerks were hired provisionally by him after his nomination but before the hearings. Until he got confirmed they were loaned out to other justices.
The reason they touted his work alongside women is obvious if you read the articles from before the hearings, since he has been nominated by Donald “living breathing sexual harassment claim” Trump and the question of Roe was likely to come up, they wanted to conter allegations of misogyny.
In retrospect it’s clear they had no inkling of the sexual assault allegations, since if they had, I doubt they would have made as much noise as they did.

He said in the hearings that he was going to do this, and if he hadn’t, he would presumably face criticism for not following through. There has never been any allegation of impropriety toward his clerks, as far as I’ve heard.

They are all highly credentialed, but note too that one of his clerks is African-American, bringing some much-needed diversity to an overwhelmingly white community of law clerks. My recollection is that Kavanaugh has a good hiring record in that regard as well.

And if Democrats controlling the House after the upcoming election try to impeach Kavanaugh, they’ll be threatening the prestigious jobs of women clerking for him.

Yeah well, given what’s at stake with him staying in the position, I would hope that any woman in her right mind would take one for the team on that.

Actually, I think you do.

25 of 48 is a pretty skinny majority.


“Majority.” 52%. I think we can round it off to say he hired an equal number of men and women.

From 1994 to 1998, the percentage of women in federal court clerk positions was consistently slightly in favor of men but more balanced than you might guess. I have not found figures later than that but the most lopsided year had 56% men/44% women. Getting that to 50/50 is not exactly an accomplishment of historic proportions.

It’s hard to draw meaningful distinctions among the qualifications of the individuals within the talent pool, though, since they all come from the best schools and have worked for the smartest lower-court judges. I expect that all of the Justices would say that they have been hiring the best people available, but this has always meant in practice that the clerks who are chosen wind up being mostly male and overwhelmingly white. (Supreme Court clerkships have been much less diverse than the lower court clerkships cited upthread). Hiring all four female clerks is certainly something of a stunt, but change in this corner of the world is likely to require conscious commitment.

I saw what you saw there, even had me a little giggle about it. Then I saw it was Stranger and, well, he’s to serious to do that there. All of which is actually germane to the thread. Seeing something and making ungenerous assumptions about the motivations. Not unfounded, necessarily. Just ungenerous.

That surprises me. Although that’s still relatively recent if I had to guess I would have said it was more male dominated.

Kavanaugh’s former clerks have gone on to very successful careers. He deserves credit for hiring and mentoring a wide range of young men and women.

Brett’s mother, a former prosecutor and Maryland trial judge obviously served as a powerful role model. He’s mentioned her in interviews several times.

Kavanaugh staying sober and not raping any of his clerks = progress!

God Bless America.

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Keep in mind that prior to his elevation to the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh was on the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. It’s not as if he was a manager at McDonald’s mentoring fry cooks. These were top graduates of top law schools. It would be more surprising if many of them didn’t do well after their clerkships.

The advocacy group Fix The Court set up a page on the domain name brettkavanaugh.com (which according to Vice News it purchased three years ago) set up a page titled “We Believe Survivors” which provides references of victims of sexual assault. Hopefully that provides the o.p. with some sense of schadenfreude.

Now that’s a legendary troll. Ginsberg is going to have a hard time topping that one despite her well-known burning insults.


And if the clerks happened to be all men, or all white men, you’d say that was sexist/racist. And how do you know they are NOT the best candidates? Not because of any sexism you might have, surely.

In your opinion.

So is your comment.

I’m shocked, SHOCKED that Democrats and Hillary-worshippers are whining about everything Kavanaugh does, or doesn’t do.

This may surprise you, but we’re not pissed off that Hillary lost the last election, we’re pissed off about who won it.

I’ve never met a “Hillary worshiper.”

The meme that we’re just upset that Hillary was denied “her turn” is a right wing invention.