Kavanaugh Hires Female Clerks

Article here. He’s being lauded for it. I don’t know but…for some reason this really makes me feel dirty and angry and just…I can’t even explain how it makes me feel. That someone like him, accused of what he was accused of (and imo did), would make it a point to hire only female clerks…It just seems really…insulting and…skeevy? For lack of a better term. I dunno if this is the right forum or if it’s going to end up in the pit but I just had to get this off my chest. I think I’m going to go cry in the shower now.

The Guardian reported that when Kavanaugh sought clerks in previous years, he preferred female clerks with a “certain look” and that it was no accident that all of his female clerks looked like models.

Makes me more mad that women would actually work for him.

I know, clerking for a SC Justice is really prestigious. Still, I don’t think I would.

Would you have been mad if he didn’t hire any female law clerks?

I honestly don’t care who he hires. It’s the fact that he hired specifically ALL female clerks and that people are praising him because this is the first time that’s happened. Acting like he’s worthy of some sort of praise for doing something no one else has done. Like I said, I’m not having an easy time putting my feelings to words on this, it just feels wrong. I guess it would be like if someone’s accused of child abuse and after they’re cleared of it for whatever reason, they go out and open a child care facility, as if to show how much they like kids?? Probably not the best analogy but the only thing my sleep deprived brain can think of.

It will be the first topless bar in a Supreme Court justice’s chambers.

I’ll have to remember to DVR this weekend’s SNL…

It’d be nice if he just hired the best clerks for the job regardless of their gender, race, or anything else. By just hiring women, he’s trying to imply it’s his own affirmative action program, but it comes off as creepy. I think the underlying reason is he likes the feeling of being surrounded by women. I also wonder if he feels threatened by men and would feel uncomfortable telling them what to do.

I agree with this.

But not with this. He has had male law clerk in the past. And I thought the the liberal perspective was that he appeared most uncomfortable answering questions by Harris, a female Senator, not one of her male colleagues on the Judiciary Committee.

That sounds like he has a problem dealing with women in positions of power, but is fine with men in power. “How dare that uppity woman ask a question that demeans my integrity! Hey hunny, how many beers a night do you drink?!”

I think you’re jumping from one wild theory to the next, trying to ascribe the worst possible motives you can to the man, without much in the way of evidence for any of it.

That’s what happens when a person has lost all credibility. They no longer enjoy the benefit of the doubt. Sucks to be a lying scumbag, but that’s what we have.

All of the clerks he selected have worked for him in previous positions, and it is not atypical for an incoming justice who has to set up a completely new staff to recruit previous clerks. That they are all women should be neither here nor there, which does not lessen the skeeviness of their being described as having a “certain look” or being coached about how to appeal to Kavanaugh in interviews.

But let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Senate ignored the fact that Kavanaugh lied under oath on multiple issues, and that the allegations of Ford were not given the promised thorough investigation by the FBI prior to the confirmation vote, and those of Ramirez and Swetnick were given no hearing whatsoever by the Judiciary Committee. There is a lot more about this situation that is distrubing than just Kavanaugh hypothetically making a choice to promote his supposed support for women while flaunting his arrogant frat boy persona; the enabling of this behavior by more than half of the Senate indicates a more systemic problem that needs to be resolved by removing the people who are helping to perpetuate it. Just as Bill Cosby did not act alone to isolate, molest, and discredit the women he preyed upon for decades, Kavanaugh did not get himself appointed to the Supreme Court without a lot of people acting on his behalf to just down the inquiry into his past behavior and ignore is deceptiveness and unfettered aggression in what was supposed to be a hearing to determine his suitability to sit upon the bench.


The Guardian didn’t report that. It reported that someone claimed that, but did not offer any independent verification.

Anyway, I’m confused about a few things in the article in the OP.

  1. What was the promise he made during his confirmation process?

  2. Is he only going to have 4 clerks? I have no idea how many clerks an Associate Justice typically has.

  3. How long to clerks typically serve for? That is, at what point would we expect to see some men as a clerk?

According to the N.Y. Times:

“During his 12 years at the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, the majority of Justice Kavanaugh’s law clerks were women — 25 of 48 — and during his confirmation hearings he testified that he graduated more of them to clerkships at the Supreme Court than any other federal judge.”

I saw what you did there.

1, I don’t know
2. Four is plenty. It used be be two. Then Three. Four is more than enough.
3. Hi Opal.
4. I think two year terms.


In Hollywood and in the corporate world, there are firms that you hire to repair your image if it is damaged. In this case Trump’s image is also a concern. He’s a pig and most intelligent people know that but if they have a stake in the game, they won’t say so, like his creepy press secretary). for me it’s who and what those people are willing to harm to get the power. It may be true that our short attempt at a country achieving a true Democracy will fail in their hands. Kind of like the emperor throwing food to the crowd and entertaining them with blood and cruelty and sex.

so, this clerk thing is all part of that game of manipulation aimed at the voters. The Republicans are scared and desperate and can’t risk losing seats. And after this particular shaming display it’s obvious they will go to any lengths to not let that happen. For me, I wish most of our Congressmen on both sides would disappear and we could start all over. It’s a quagmire of greed,lust, and revenge and can’t be fixed.

I picture the men in black suits sweeping into the room and presenting a plan to change the image of our new justice. One of them might be this law clerk idea. Of course if rumors are true, his wife better watch out. If he likes the cute, young, smart things that is.

I really can’t worry about what he did in high school. He had already been messed up by his parents and friends at that point. And drinking can bring it on. so, maybe he’s still leading with his penis and maybe he isn’t. He could still be a good justice if it’s the right topic. On the other hand our president is a man whore,and t he is causing so much long term damage, I fear for my children.

I guess if you are poor and hopeless in another country the dream is no longer to come to America. I traveled in Europe and all over when Iwas young and that was true. It was wonderful.

I’d be more comfortable with it if he just did it instead of making an announcement about how great he is for doing it.

Yeah, it’s like how a racist will say he can’t be racist because he has a black friend. (really, more of an acquaintance than friend, if we get into specifics. Actually, coworker would be a better description. But I don’t actually know his name. I just see him sometimes and we nod when we pass in the hallway.)

I believe he mentioned about the women clerks when he was saying how much he respects women. It struck me more that he likes to be the center of attention with women and enjoys their adulation.

This is not the same thing, but Jerry Sandusky got a lot of accolades for his work with troubled boys. I’m sure he said how much he wanted to help the boys, and from the outside it looked that way. But now we know why he was surrounding himself with troubled boys. I don’t in any way think Kavanaugh is doing what Sandusky was doing, but I just brought that up to show that he may have ulterior motives to surround himself with women. He may say he’s doing it for X reason, but really it’s because of Y.

One of his former clerks, Britt Grant just became a Court of Appeals Judge.

He even swore her inhttps://www.law.com/nationallawjournal/2018/08/07/ex-kavanaugh-clerk-britt-grant-now-11th-circuit-judge-takes-oath-from-her-old-boss/?slreturn=20180909154518