Keep a look out for Aurora the next couple nights!


Could be a good show!


Tell Mom , Hi.

The sun has limbs???

I’m north enough (Mich.) to possibly see it, but nothing tonight that I could see. It’s only 12:30 a.m., so I think I’ll check again before heading to bed.

Any chance of seeing this near Phoenix?

I’ve seen it in OKC, OK on RARE ocassions. I mean, rare.

I’ve heard stories at star parties of West Texans seeing it!

So, you never know…

We’re still seeing Mars gleaming brightly in the night sky in Texas. I’ll look out for that cosmic event; thanks to the OP.

OK, why wasn’t I invited to a star party? I mean, I’m not in WEST Texas, but I do have quite a few relatives from those parts…:smiley:

Check out Sky & Telescope magazine. It lists all the Star Parties they’re told about.

Schedule might be on their website.

I saw this earlier and thought, “Oh boy! TV reception will be crappy!” Starting friday btw… I’m in southern PA so A.B. is unlikely but it COULD happen… Anyone know the best time to look for the Northern Lights?

“limb” is just an astronomy term meaning the outer edge of a star/planet/anything you can see in the sky.
Ohh! I’m finally putting the degree and PhD to use outside the office and GQ!

Page with current storm level info. You should be able to see it slowly build.

Coronal mass ejection! Yeah baby!

Am I the only one that thought this was about the top secret spy plane?

I have to get out more…

I live in southern hemisphere and I think my latitude is too high. I’d love to see the aurora australis some time though.

We are still 6 or 7 years from the peak in the sunspot cycle aren’t we?