Keep Saturn in Saturnalia

Its good to see that some people are keeping the true meaning of the season alive.

For those that don’t want to click, there is a pissing match between those who put up a keep Christ in Christmas sign up on public property and those that don’t like it in a small south Jersey town.

And for Og’s sake, keep Thor in Thursday.

Makes me want to put up one of the flying penis Roman decorations and a herm. [links are of really old artifacts and not safe for work unless perhaps you work in a Urology clinic :p] The bells are so cheerful … :smiley:

I could claim that I was one of the new pagans that revived worshiping the old Roman gods … I did used to run a Temple of Ceres online for a while back in the 90s :stuck_out_tongue: I even have a lovely little Lares et Penates plaque I could put up. :smiley:

<nevermind, wrong forum for it>

I have no problem with “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia”, but the Freedom from Religion Foundation is so goddamn annoying and part of the reason Atheism has such a poor reputation. This whole thing started when they tried to get the city to force a private organization to take down a “Keep Christ in Christmas” sign on private property. Then they have the gall to claim the city is trying to “control the content of speech”. No, guys, you are. You were the ones trying to censor.

Lares et Penates? [Mustrum Ridcully]“And who are they when they’re at home?”[/MR]

If they are correct in that there is a permit required which the flyers of the banner do not have then they do have a point (and can a banner which overflies a public throughway be considered on private property?). That point is further enhanced if, as they claim, they sought to display a banner in a similar manner and were prevented from doing so by the town government.

I’m disappointed they chose to show an image of the planet when there are so many better ones that they could have done.

Saying it was on private property is a bit misleading. It was a banner was attached on both ends on private property but hangs across the main street in town. And it was against zoning laws.

Wasn’t Saturnalia the time when masters served their slave and suchlike, to commemorate the dramatic turn of fortune that saw Jupiter overthrow Saturn? So, Saturn being overthrown, shouldn’t we keep him out of Saturnalia? Isn’t it like saying “Keep the devil in Christmas”?

Aren’t you being persnickety?

In the “Happy Whatever” thread, I was surprised Saturnalia got as many votes as it did.

I’m going to a Saturnalia party on Tuesday. I guess need to find a Saturn related item to take.

Cyros and Loach, please believe me when I say that the reason the Freedom From Religion Foundation annoys me has nothing to do with zoning laws. It’s crap like this:

How can you read that and not want to smack the guy? Which would, granted, be much more of an “assault” than the freakin’ sign.

Processing…processing…nah, no urge to smack the guy.

I guess your more Christian than me.

The original Roman holiday, usually celebrated on the 17th of December, was a celebration that harkened back to the Golden Age when Saturn (and earlier the Greek deity, Kronos) reigned. During that fabled age, humans lived without labor or want and all were treated as equals. That was commemorated by the Romans, who allowed slaves to be temporarily free of their bonds of servitude. In fact, in some cases, according to Catullus, the masters served their slaves food at the feast.

Okay, we’ll allow Saturn to stay but keep him away from the baby Jesus.

We have decided to turn Christmas into Saturnalia at the farm this year and are having
garlic/herb cheese stuffed black olives, isicia omentata[shrimp meatballs in sauce] and lucanian sausage[fresh not smoked] as the appetizers, Pernam [jokingly called Pig Newtons because it is a pork butt cooked with figs] a mixed green salad and asparagus and for dessert a patina of pears [a cooked custard with pears embedded in it, with honey and black pepper] and the kitten Five is going to be the little furry Lord of Misrule. :smiley:

Io Saturnalia!

Merry Yule, everyone! :slight_smile: