Keep that white man out of my son's classroom!

Yes! Exactly, Ms. Hogan! We cannot have a white person teaching black history. There is absolutely no question that s/he will be a racist fuck, telling those children that it’s the black’s fault that they were enslaved. And I’m sure this… white shudder teacher is just hankerin’ to go out and enslave some o’ them negroes. Yes, this is certainly an admirable position you have taken, Ms. Hogan. I commend you.
Racist bitch.

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Yeah and a Catholic shouldn’t teach about the Inquisition! Because, y’know, its their fault.

Ms. Hogan, as quoted in the OP:

Still a legitimate concern, and therefore so are the concerns of the parents.

a) Subject matter does not exist as a set of truths that mean what they mean from a hypothetical “objective”, “unbiased” viewpoint. Subject matter has meaning, and meaning is “for a person”. When one approaches human subject matter, one can be studying “them” or one can be studying “us”, and the act of studying is intrinsically political. Not only can you, not only might you affect what you are studying, it is also a political act to deliberately avoid changing that which you study.

b) same as a.

c) same as a.

d) same as a. Repeat until it informs your approach to all social studies. Read The Everyday World as Problematic by Dorothy Smith and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown.
It doesn’t make the parents right, but there is no right position from which you can stand and say they are right or wrong. There are only concerns. You don’t get to appoint yourself “objective”.

Now if the subject matter were, let’s say, Peoples and Events of Classical Greece I think it unlikely that you’d have a contingent of worried Greco-American parents protesting because the instructor was of Italian or Turkish descent. I doubt that it would even be an issue if the course were being taught in the Mediterranean islands, although it might come up, who knows? We do know from the events in Kosovo and Bosnia and Serbia of the last few decades that sometimes these old conflicts have very current and very passionate resonances.

— Elizabeth Janeway, Man’s World Woman’s Place 1971, pp. 135-6, 143-4)

I’m starting to worry that I’m becoming so numb to this stupidity.

I honestly wonder what our society will be like in, say, 50 years.

While I agree it’s rather dumb I can see her point.

Would you want Heidi Fliess to teach abstinance?

While I agree it’s rather dumb I can see her point.

Would you want Heidi Fliess to teach abstinance?

No…I don’t stutter.

Racist. Pure and simple. By any definition. (unless of course you are allowed to make up your own, floating definition.) To call it anything else requires a logic so tortured as to be unrecognizable.

I call bullshit.

This is nothing like Heidi Fleiss teaching abstinence. This is like Heidi Fleiss’s great-great-great-granddaughter teaching abstinence.
This white teacher presumably has never enslaved a black person.
FWIW, I think she’s a racist bitch too. hrmphs

Can someone explain how AHunter3’s post relates to the OP, or indeed, anything at all?

Damn hamsters ate my post.

AHunter3 - What are you trying to say, because I didn’t follow you at all there.

Reeder - Huh? You are joking, right? I suppose I wouldn’t want an ACTUAL CONVICTED SLAVE TRADER teaching about slavery, no. Something tells me, and I know I am going out on a limb without a cite here, but something tells me that the HS in question is not planning on having an actual slave trader teach about slavery. Call me crazy, or whooshed.

The idea that a white person can’t teach a HS class on history because of the color of their skin is so ludicrous as to not need to be rebutted. Can a black person not teach me about Scotland because he isn’t Scottish? Utterly contemptible rubbish.

I said it was dumb. I can see her point though.

Also ill-informed and/or a liar.

It’s pretty well established that some black people in Africa participared in and profited from the slave trade.

I believe if students have all the facts, they can make their own judgements pretty easily. They can get these facts from someone of any race.

What point? That she is a stupid cunt? Oh, I see that point too.

Of coure, there wouldn’t have been an African slave trade without African slaver traders. That’s probably the type of unconmortable truth they’re afraid the students might hear.
It puts a crimp in their ability to define victims/oppressors by broad race categories.

More near-sighted racist poop from the oppressed.

That’s it. It’s time for us to start our own country, and only smart people will be allowed in. Smart people with the correct beliefs. What is correct, of course, will be determined by me.

I have no point.

Are African-Americans better off being here than they would have been by staying in Africa? I think so.

In a sick sort of way, the ancestors of slaves should actually be grateful that their ancestors paid a price that they don’t have to pay so that they have the privilege of complaining about something that never happened to them anyway.

In other words, this lady doesn’t have a leg to stand on. It makes about as much sense as the reparations movement, i.e. none whatsoever.

[sub]You may commence flaming now[/sub].

The problem was that they had a popular long-term teacher for a popular class who was shuffled out. Would a similar situation like that happen in more affluent neighborhoods without massive protest? Highly unlikely.