Keep Your Goddamn Anal Beads Out Of The Dishwasher!

From Craig’s List
Just thought I would share.


Could be worse. I once overheard someone complaining about the dents left in their dildos from the dishwasher rack. :eek:

And to think somee people pay EXTRA for toys with added texture!

Damn hard water spots.

But, when the wash cycle is finished they are so toasty warm :wink:

I’m just surprised this thread has a view:post ratio of just 4:3. The afternoon is young, though.

Also wanted to repeat my call for the banning of smileys everywhere.

If his anal beads are in the dishwasher, does that mean he’s been walking around all day with a cake of ‘jet-dry’ up his ass? (If it true to its name, he won’t shit for a week…! :eek: )

now there’s a sentence that you won’t find in your 10th grade French book!

But dammit, the package says they’re dishwasher safe!

I was going to include a link here, which would have made this post howlingly funny. Unfortunately, while the beads may be safe, the link isn’t. So, just Google “anal beads” and “dishwasher” and go from there.

Well, hell. This isn’t funny at all, is it?

I guess so.

I read somewhere about a Chinese restaurant that put toilet seats in the dishwasher.

I’m reminded of a Jay Leno “Headlines” bit that included a pooper scooper with that notation.

How did he feel about that? Did he get another job?

Well, jeez, dude, how do you clean your anal beads?!

Please don’t tell me you don’t! :eek:

I don’t, she does :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I’m somewhat naive in the ways of the world, but…

anal beads?
I’ve never heard of them before. I am just finding out that they exist, and my first question is not “what’s the best way to clean them”.

Discussions of anal beads definitely belong in MPSIMS.

I’m going straight to hell for enjoying moving this so much.

Wow. I briefly considered it, and then thought “no way will I get away with moving this to MPSIMS. That would be going Too Far.”

That’s awesome. You’re awesome.
[sub]Although you’re cleaning up whatever they send back as retaliation![/sub]

Hmm. Based on some of the sales material I’ve seen, the “dishwasher safe” aspect appears to be a major selling point of certain adult toys.

I bet you are guessing about right. After you hear the name, learn that they need cleaning (but NOT in the dishwasher), you can put 2 and 2 together.

I can’t remember the movie, but somebody was explaining what to do with a suppository, “You just…you just” and were making a “stick it up your ass” motion with their hand.

There ya go.

Just yank them out when, you know. Right? You know?