Keeping a smile...

Having read all the threads regarding the WTC right now, I figured it might be a good time for something completely unrelated. I’m not trying to turn a blind eye, but I received this e/m from a family member, and it helped me realize that life goes on, and the Mundane Pointless Stuff we see can always make us smile regardless.

And I quote:

"Because life goes on, I want to talk about something other than yesterday’s attacks. You always told me “Never let the bastards see you cry…” So, on that note: I carry on and discuss other things today.

In several of her picture books, [Niece] has been seeing pictures of icky bugs and spiders and creepy crawlies, and we always read their names to her along with the cool animals. We visit Bug World at the zoo and admire the bugs on the same level as we admire bunnies.

So, last night, pleased as punch, [Niece] came trotting up to me as happy as can be, holding out her hand and saying Bug! Bug! I was curious as to what she had (dust bunny, floor food, button?) My happy munchkin opened her hand to reveal the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in my home (no, wait! she didn’t even have to open her hand, the wiggly legs were already sticking out in all directions).

Me: Aaagh!
[Niece]: (with the smile fading rapidly from her face) Aaagh! (Drops spider on floor near my foot)
Me: (Realizing I have terrified my child) Oh! uh, aaagh, uh, umm. Nice spider!
Spider: Aaagh!
[Niece]: Pretty?
Me: yes, pretty spider…
Spider: Aaagh! (running away as fast as he can)
[BIL] gets a glass and paper and nabs spider for humane wild release program.
[Niece]: Bye-bye spider
Me: Bye spider
[BIL] (Lets wild beast loose in back yard) Bye spider

Poor girl! So pleased with herself, and me with the heebie-jeebies. The minute I freaked, she got all scared of her pretty 8-legged pet. Well, I guess I’m going to have to learn not to get all scared of the wildlife she brings home…"

Again, I’m not trying to downplay anything at all. I just hope that my sister’s little girl will help us keep our chins up and laughing when all around us is chaos.


When I was little I used to RELISH going outside to play with worms. My god I loved worms. I loved letting them crawl on me, curling them up in my hand…they were great, living toys.

It wasn’t until I was much later that people began telling me HOW GROSS that is.

Oh well. It was fun.

thanks for the thread!

Little kids are the absolute best things right now. Our hope for the future, so to speak. I don’t think you’re out of place at all, NoLongerPatrick.

jar–you shoulda come over to my house. Big, fat worms are the best, aren’t they?


we had the same sort of thread the day after Wally died, if I remember rightly. It was for people to post something good that had happened, or something amusing, to cheer ourselves up slightly.

This thread is not to retract from the grief, but even in the worst of times people need a smile sometimes.
Myself and my girlfriend had a long and serious talk over the weekend, and ironed out some of the problems that we were experiencing (as I talked about in a thread here)

I’m feeling very good about me and her.
Anyone else?

wan, watery smile Children are so precious, indeed. Thank you very much, NoLongerPatrick.

Earlier today I went out to check the mail, and heard and then saw several young kids playing on a driveway down the street a little ways. It helped to hear their laughter and see their smiles.

Standing outside having a smoke with a co-worker to-day, somehow he got hiccoughs every time he inhaled. Loud belchy ones. Great fun.

It looks as though I might have the in-house job I applied for. I might even get my office back!

Goin’ home now. I wanna hear more stories by the time I check in later on.

Last night Mr. Rilch and Friend and I were clustered around the TV. Mr. Rilch was gloomy. Friend was between rage and tears. I was eager to hear commentary because I couldn’t bear the images.

Finally, when I couldn’t watch the plane insert itself in the south tower another time, I got up and thought “Pancakes.” I went to the cupboard, and sure enough, we had enough Bisquick for fifteen pancakes.

I went back in the living room and said, “How would you guys like…some pancakes?” They both got a sweet face. “I would love some pancakes.” “Pancakes would be terrific.”

I made fifteen pancakes, and they turned out so pretty, and almost uniform in size. We have this new set of Calphalon, and the skillets are a joy after my aging nonstick skillet that flaked Teflon off on everything. The pancakes looked every bit as good as IHOP’s.

Tasted as good, too. I heated up the syrup and brought it in to the living room, along with margarine, which I am eking out until our money problems ease up, and milk, which we’re also fortunate enough to have.

So I made a dinner out of practically nothing, and it was comfort food, and they cheered up noticeably. I’d heard Friend say he hadn’t been able to eat since he’d heard, and had skipped breakfast before that, so I was determined to get him to eat something. And who can say no to pancakes?

heck, i STILL play with worms and slugs and snails and bugs and spiders and… well, etc. etc. etc. i think part of the reason is because it grosses out everyone else, especially mom. for example:

imagine me jumping around after crickets in tall grass. then, imagine me actually catching one.
me: Mom, mom, look what i got for you! runs towards mom with clasped hands, cricket in the middle
mom: What, dear? turns towards me
me: opens hands look!
mom: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! jumps a foot in the air COUGARfang!!! bad kitty!
snicker snicker

We live in the Wild Kingdom… well, not exactly. It is a suburban subdivision, but our lot backs on wetlands/preserve area - not likely that anything will ever be built there. As a result, our lives abut those of various and sundry critters. We have tree frogs that adhere to our patio door every evening. Several times, they’ve managed to get into the house - them suckers are tough to catch!
There’s a family of cardinals - Mom, Dad, 2 boys and a girl - who patronize our feeder, as well as doves and some titmouses (titmice?), and just last week, I saw a woodpecker and a red-winged blackbird. And there are owls - I’ve seen one and heard several. And we’ve had several hummingbirds visit our feeder.
We saw a pair of raccoons in the top of a hollow tree - at eyelevel with our living room. There’s an evil squirrel who raids the bird feeder, and a gazillion lizards and spiders.
My daughter is a critter-person - she’ll pick up just about anything - lizard, snake, frog, bug, worm. (hmmmm, wonder if this explains her choice of boyfriend?) In fact, because of her, I’ve become less squeemish around said critters.
Life in the Wild Kingdom is good.

So I got home last night, and waiting in the mail for me was my CDN tax return - 'cause of the exchange rate, I sent them a little more than they wanted. Now sitting on my dining room table (until I can find a frame for it) is a cheque, in my name, for $5.10. Or around $2.60 U.S.

Now I can buy that newspaper I’ve been saving up for!