Little things that make you smile.

I was driving past a park today when up popped a little brown gopher, and boy, did I smile. There was just something about seeing him there that made me sooooo sickeningly happy.

There are tons of things that do this to me. Like when a bird flys real low over my head, when a heavy rain falls, when my cat covers his nose while he’s sleeping, or when a ladybug lands on my hand.

Plenty of people have decided this makes me ‘simple minded’, meanwhile, I am completely oblivious to how some people can just look past these things. How they can take them for granted like they do.

So now I’m asking the teeming millions, what little things, how ever mundane, make you smile?

“Organs gross me out. That’s organs, not orgasms.”
-the wallster

Oh, great topic, Mega! Totally stupid, but:

  • fat, sassy, urban squirrels that bounce around in furry commas. They just have such insouciance and attitude–even when they nosh down on my fledgling tomatoes.

  • sleeping dogs: (or awake) They’re just such lovable goofs. And cats, too…oh, hell, toss in most critters. Except ticks and spiders.

  • kids playing/growing up/being kids: I’m sorry, but for all the hassle and aggravation, they’re miracles. (And no, I don’t have any of my own.) But kids can be a stitch.
    Examples: earnestly contemplating a puddle–then jumping squarely in the middle of it; falling over, blissed and laughing over the stupidest damned things; being entranced, totally BEWITCHED by ordinary stuff; the genuine innocence–and unselfconscious sweetness.
    (To the carpers and cynics: get over it. Kids live in an LSD world, all colors, sounds and dizzying combinations. No, I never took LSD; it’s a pale shadow of the world we lost when we stop being kids.)

  • warm, fresh from the dryer/sun on the clothesline laundry.

  • old people; most of 'em are funny, humane survivors. I LIKE old people as much as I like kids, but they’re so overlooked. They lack cuteness, but many of 'em are soooo funny, cross-grained, outspoken and subtle.

If I were rich (fat chance, guys) I’d be the Rest Home Subversive Volunteer. Frail old folks are precious; spunky old folks are a complete hoot to be around.

Sorry to bogart your excellent topic, Mega!


Birds. Birdsong at the crack of dawn. A robin trilling away at sunset. A cardinal sitting on the topmost branch, singing his little heart out like the King of the Mountain. Cardinals in general, a couple made a nest in an apple tree once and they were so amazingly beautiful you could almost believe there is a God. Goldfinches in the birch trees, always flying around in pairs. Loudmouth bluejays. Gosh, this is beginning to sound like a letter to Reader’s Digest.

Kittens. There is nothing a kitten can do that doesn’t make me smile, not even attempting to claw my face off. The only sad thing about kittens is that they grow up. But that’s okay, because the other things that never fail to make me smile are cats. I love cats!

Heck is where you go when you don’t believe in Gosh.

  • When my baby laughs. I don’t know why, but I can’t not laugh and smile when he does that. It’s a little embarrassing how much he can do that to me.

  • The smell after it rains.

  • compiling code and having it work smoothly, the FIRST time.

  • people telling me how beautiful I am (it gets to me, it’s silly, but I love it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

  • having my hair brushed.

  • cooking brownies, even though I can’t eat em (wheat is baaaad for me).

  • Looking at something I’ve made and being proud of it.

  • the squirrels in Boston Common, who used to eat peanut butter out of my hand

  • Godiva. Anything Godiva.

  • On second thought, make that anything chocolate, especially dark chocolate.

  • Caffeinated chocolate milk (yes, they do sell caffeinated chocolate syrup, which makes decent chocolat milk :slight_smile: ).

  • Seeing someone else who is happy at the moment (not happy-on-the-outside, but stare-into-the-eyes-and-they’re-happy-all-the-way-through happy).

  • Cherries. Fresh ones, perfectly ripe and sweet.

  • lifting weights and the way I feel afterward - tired but gooooooood. Same goes for anything that makes my body feel that way without killing my lungs or knees.

  • Winning an involved debate with a highly intelligent person - not ‘I beat them’, but ‘oh, that was fun, and I held my own’.

  • When my 4-yr-old brings me a robot he built out of legos (he builds the most incredible things out of legos).

  • Seeing said 4-yr-old feed or kiss the baby (which he loves to do).


[ul][li]Sunday morning coffee and IMing with a very special friend. It’s a nice way to get my day started.[/li][li]Hearing the birds chirping at the feeder outside my livingroom window.[/li][li]Kitty kisses.[/li][li]Getting snail mail letters or cards from friends.[/li][li]Thinking about how close I am with my sister in spite of all the pain it took to get here. (Love ya, sis.)[/li][li]Seeing the look on my boss’s face when I show him a new Excel doc I created or a new procedure I’ve put in place that will save him time and/or money. He likes that, and it makes me smile bigtime.[/li][li]Getting surprise packages from my best friend Grace - and it’s not even my birthday (and even though I forgot hers.)[/li][li]Coming to Straight Dope and reading all the wonderful repartee. You guys definitely make me smile.[/ul][/li] :smiley:

[ul][li]“Shayna… [one of] the most despised posters on this board.” As declared by WallyM7. (And if you want to know who the others are, click here. I’m in very good company!)[/li][li]“Mom, he’s a neo Nazi! He’s a doctor also? Well…” - an original WallyM7 sig.[/li][*]“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” - Anne Frank[/ul]

A big one I forgot, is people. So many times at work, somebody really neat will come in, and I will just watch them and smile like a maniac. I do this ALL the time with children. Kids are… wow. Especially when you have no idea who they are and they’re all excited about the new Pokemon cheat they learnt, or when a two year old falls hard on his face, stands up and instead of the expected crying, looks at you and says, “I fell.”

Just thinking about it is making me smile. :slight_smile:

“Organs gross me out. That’s organs, not orgasms.”
-the wallster

A kiss on the hand from my hubby when I don’t expect it.

My cat curling up next to me and when I’m feeling sad.

Three hour late,late night telephone conversations with Shayna.

Someone letting me in front of them during rush hour traffic.

Little children spending time with their dads.

Sitting on the porch on a sunny day and feeling the sun on my face.

Finding money in pockets of clothes or while doing laundry.

Work is fine for killin’ time, but it’s a shaky way to make a living.

Thinking about Drain Bead and looking at my sig. file as it shows me more and more time I’ll get to spend with her.

Yer pal,

One week, one day, 1 hour, 16 minutes and 6 seconds.
322 cigarettes not smoked, saving $40.26.
Life saved: 1 day, 2 hours, 50 minutes.

Fluffy white clouds

A Field full of dandelions

My children bringing me bouquets of same dandelions

A cool breeze on a hot day

Rain on my car roof

My kids bringing me a breakfast of burnt or soggy toast and warm orange juice. Best food ever!

Knowing that my husband loves me because he puts up with me and takes care of me when I’m ill. He’s learning how to cook!

The operation? Well, now I walk like a duck, but I won’t sue 'cause I’m getting a lot of laughs.

Sig courtesy of Wally the Great

Things that make me smile. This is probably going to surprise many of you here who figure I’m an inhuman clod with the sensitivities of a brick.

My cats and their crazy actions.
The beaming smile of my little niece and her delightful, as yet unworried opinion of the world and her boundless energy and ability to make a game out of anything. Plus, she thinks I’m cool and has fun coming to see her ‘sloppy’ uncle who is fun to play with and makes her laugh. (I never tell her what a bastard I really am.)

The Doves who sit under my Chinese Cherry Tree, look absolutely stupid and often peck around my boots.

The Bright Green Chameleons who prowl my garden.

The squirrels I feed in my front yard.

My plants. (When they’re doing well.)

Fields of wild grass and dragonflies.

Secret, quiet spots on the local river.

A female friend of mine, who is one brick short of a load, has a checkered past and some odd friends, but who has a heart of gold and a curiously, innocent way of looking at things.

The memory of the most astonishing and magnificent smile I saw once on a Black hookers face and the way it transformed her.

The knee buckling kiss I unexpectedly received from a girlfriend, used to shut me up when I was arguing with her. (WHEW!)

My big male cat patting me softly in the face to wake me up when I snore too loudly for his sensibilities.

Bright colored wild flowers, especially stumbling on some that I haven’t seen before.

Warm campfires on cold winter days.

Cold winter days.

A good cup of nothing-special coffee served in a thick mug at a small diner.

The clink and click of forks and knives hitting plates in a diner.

Good friends and good conversation.

Good books and undisturbed time to read them.

Watching the kids come out of the elementary school when I pick up my niece or my friend’s daughter.

Making something with my hands and having it turn out right on the first try.

The soft, sweet smell of a woman’s hair.

A warm, unexpected kiss on my neck or cheek.

Laying awake at night, after making love, looking at the beautiful woman next to me and admiring her body and delicate form as she sleeps and knowing that she at least cares about me.

Forests and trees and wildish places to explore that I’ve not seen before.

Small, empty islands in the river and shallow, clear river water full of fascinating things to watch.


Black lights.

Calvin and Hobbs comic books.

Clear, cool, star filled, moon lit nights.

Spotting young lovers OBVIOUSLY in love!

Good food.

Good drink.

A good smoke.

The scent of pipe tobacco.

Watching a girl I care about paint her nails.

Neil Diamond music.


Cool things that glow in the dark after you put light on them.

And more. Much, much more.

CAREFUL! We don’t want to learn from this!(Calvin and Hobbs)


Oh, and Wally too. He makes me smile biggest of all!

“Organs gross me out. That’s organs, not orgasms.”
-the wallster