Simple Joys

For some reason I was thinking about this at lunch today: little pleasurable things that cost next to nothing, but that I really enjoy. here are a few:

A 20-minute nap, on my sofa, late on a Saturday afternoon, with the Weather Channel playing silently in the background.

Hanging out at Morgan’s Point along the Houston Ship Channel for a couple of hours, watching the tankers and towboats run back and forth like streetcars.

Watching a plastic bag circulate around while caught in a vortex of wind. I recall there was a scene in the film American Beauty capturing this effect.

The very first sip of a well-made gin and tonic. Well, of course, there’s the cost of the drink, but still.

Turning off Limbaugh. Around here Rush’s show straddles the noon hour. I get in my car to head out for lunch, listen to him rail against the Evil Liberals for about a minute and a half, then push the button to cut him off in mid-rant. Man, I love doing that.

Other contributions welcome.

I had been meaning to start this very thread.

Two contributions:

Driving barefoot.

At the airport baggage return station, seeing your suitcase come out first, before anyone else’s.

Waking up with a purring cat beside me on the pillow puts me in a mellow mood for greeting the day.

Sunday afternoon in the summer, laying in my hammock, cold beer with absolutely nothing to do but watch the branches wave on the maple and the clouds go by. There’s just something luxurious about it.

Similarly, watching my dog run in circles in a grassy field. She always gets that look of pure joy on her face.

Sitting out on my porch with an ice cold beer in hand after mowing and smelling fresh mown grass. AAAAAH!

The smell of steaks or burgers on the grill.

The lizards on my back porch. A sign Spring is here.

When the newly-rescued puppy, who is only starting to bond with the family, has run herself into exhaustion at the dog park, and is now home and dozing on her sleeping pad, and I reach over and ruffle her ears, and she streeeeetches her legs and “wuffles” her lips – but keeps her eyes closed.



Eating outside.

Scoping out flowering trees in spring.

Baby smell.

A perfectly hit softball or golfball where it’s just a soft little “thunk” that reminds you of a Nerf.

Tiny leaves coming out on trees in the Spring.

Loose shorts, a Tee and flipflops.

That evening crispyness after a day where you got just a wee bit too much sun.

I sat at the dinner table two nights ago and just listened to birds SINGING!

It is such a joy to hear birds again after the deadness of winter.

I have such a case of spring fever right now, all of the simple pleasures I can think of relate to that.

  • Seeing my first sprouts come up in the greenhouse
  • Getting mud on my boots preparing the garden
  • The smell of wet earth and rain

The feeling of the stitches on a finished embroidery project.

Waking up on a weekend and having “happy family time” with my SO and the dog. We lay in bed and pet the dog and chat about happy things.

The endorphin rush that comes after jogging or biking for 20 minutes.

The smell of freshly laundered towels.

A hot bath on a cold night!

Yesterday afternoon I sat on the bench in the backyard, looked out at all the budding trees and blooming flowers, sipped on a really nice meritage and watched a gorgeous, bright red Cardinal sing from the branch of a Pomegranite. Answering him from somewhere just out of view was, I assume, another Cardinal, but in a different verse that left me at first astonished, then laughing out loud.



I turned to my young daughter who was laughing with me, said “Does that bird sound scared to you?” and with a huge smile she said “Noooooooooooo!”

I’m such a sappy Mama these days, most of mine are kid related:

Seeing my 14 year old reach out and drape his arm across his girl-type friend’s shoulders to comfort her when they think no one is looking. They’re not romantically involved, but it’s a little foreshadowing of what’s to come, and a window into his world which is less and less about me. Okay, that’s sort of bittersweet, I guess.

Watching the 2 year old try to learn to whistle.

Seeing my 2 year old run up to my 14 year old when he gets home from school and reaching up for a hug while calling his name (or the half of it that she can pronounce).

Thai food.

A shiny sink.

Sun dresses.

Fresh sheets on the bed. Nothing beats that feeling for me.

Lying in bed in the early morning, realizing you have hours before you have to get up, and you are comfortable in every possible way.

Listening to one of my favourite songs - cranking it up and singing at the top of my lungs with it.

The perennials in my yard starting to poke out of the ground. I don’t do anything, and they keep growing for me.

Sitting out in my yard and having the sun on me strong enough to actually warm me.

  • sucking on a woman’s nipple. mmmmmm joy.

  • cheese doodles

  • taking a shit, but not just any shit. It’s one of those shits where it’s like a classical symphonic overture. First, silence. Second, the buildup of pressure, a low rumbling bass tuba sound that shudders throughout your frame. Third, a sense of urgency, a high violin goosebump feeling of tingling pleasure. The urgency build slowly… A steady bassdrum beat with a low clarinet line on the orgasmic melody. Oh no, uunngh, she’s gonna blow! Finally, the climax, the sense of perfection and kittens smiling with one beat of the bass drum: BLAMMO! A sigh trails off as the conductor folds his hands. An encore as you wipe, a grin shining from ear to ear. Oh yes, you say, that was a good shit.

Yeah, that one does it for me, too.

I note a common mention is plants of various types sprouting. I get that.

A couple more I’ve thought of, both at night:

Watching a thunderstorm pass nearby, and

Sitting out on the veranda of my parent’s place in western PA as it gets dark on a June evening, looking for satellites.

I like the smell of rain and thunderstorms. The world smells so clean and fresh and new again.

Agreed on watching thunderstorms.

Here’s a few of mine:

-Walking barefoot in the grass when spring finally comes around.

-Sitting down to a warm meal after coming in from the cold.

-A sunny day on Lake Michigan (at Christmas Cove, to be precise).