extremely ordinary simple things that give you great satisfaction

What seemingly simple everyday objects give you great satisfaction, appreciation, and fascination?

Here are just a few of my “simple” appreciations:

[li]Dixon Ticonderoga # 2 pencils[/li][li]notebooks[/li][li]a high quality ballpoint pen[/li][li]Ace combs[/li][li]Zippo lighters[/li][li]matching sets of books such as Barnes & Noble’s literary classics series[/li][li]my handsome leather shoes and boots[/li][li]real-glass drinking glasses[/li]and last but certainly not least…
my magical silver key (In case you didn’t know: it’s not just my username, it’s a real silver key!)

A few of my favorite things:

New pens in funky colors
New hair accessories
Rereading a favorite book
Reading a good new book
A fresh cold Doctor Pepper

A word processor with a spell checker.
My electronic keyboard
The fact that I can play my flute or any piece of wood with holes cut into it
(I just like to hear the above two sounds with out all the city noises)
The smell of a new book, or even an old one; I just love the way books smell!
Being able to post my thoughts
Loving my family
Being loved in return
Being able to tell some folks to piss off
Being able to tell some folks that I like them
Just being alive
The feel of my dog cuddling up to me… ah, yeah, gotta admit, that’s the very best of all. If I had to pick one to experience over and over again, it would be her, cuddling up. Very nice and so unconditional. I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world!

Cuddle muffin puppy love!

Nothing finer in this WORLD!

A grilled cheese sandwich.

A new pen with a new notebook ready for whatever my whim wishes to put in it…

Clothes fresh from the dryer…

A stuffed companion…

A new stuffed companion…

Cookies warm from the oven

-new, freshly sharpened drawing pencils. (esp 8b)
-the feel of new underwear
-slipping into fresh starched white sheets with clean shaven legs
-the feel of old book pages
-“that” smell of rain coming
-new kittens

Snow. Snow is cool.
Walking in the rain drinking coffee.
Packages of anything in the mail.
Free Cell on the computer.
The park after dark with children playing.
Talking to a child.
The smell of coffee.
The smell of rain.

Lightning bugs
Randomly running into someone you love, and haven’t seen in a long time.
Antiques Roadshow.
New shoes.
New lipstick.
The purr my cat makes when she’s blissed out. Not a normal purr, but a purr of complete and total contentment.
Cherry Coke.
A good nap.
A brand new package of bobby pins. I could pin my entire head of hair up, if I wanted to!

These are a few of my faaaavorite things.

[li]my cat sleeping on my chest when i take a nap[/li][li]a freshly ironed shirt[/li][li]seeing someone else get up on the subway for an old lady[/li][li]seeing a child smile or giggle for no apparent reason[/li][li]the sun on my face[/li][li]soft grass to lay on[/li][li]a fresh mountain breeze blowing by while hanging off a cliff 800 feet up[/li][li]water[/li][li]a watch ticking[/li][li]a beautiful girl smiling at me[/li][/ul]

Cinnamon Rolls (with icing)

My cat Cypress

Bagel Bites


Some little things that I treasure:

new socks
my Nabisco Shredded Wheat Spoonman
pansies, lilacs & honeysuckle
plenty of graph paper to work logic puzzles
paper towels
cloth hankies (I have over 100 in every design and color I can find)
a sequence of bad, bad puns that just keeps going
lighting a scented candle on a cold snowy day
oh, and a fun thread like this one :slight_smile:

[li]Fresh, clean laundry[/li][li]Playing Playstation after the kids are in bed[/li][li]A new package of razor blades[/li][li]Captain Crunch with Crunchberries[/li][li]The smell of a new book[/li][li]The smell of freshly-cut grass[/li][li]A winter night so cold the snow crunches[/li][li]Like TroubleAgain said, a cold Dr Pepper[/li][/ul]

Threads like these that give newbies a chance to post without wondering if they sound rediculous.
Matching bra and underwear sets.
Clean sheets.
Getting my hair to not do the flippy thing is does on one side.
Sleeping with a breeze on my face.
A glass of milk and chocolate in some form.
I have to second the vote for grilled cheese sandwhiches. Nothing feels as comforting as one of those when you’re not feeling so good.

[li]Raindrops on roses[/li][li]Whiskers on kittens[/li][li]Bright copper kettles[/li][li]Warm woolen mittens[/li][li]Brown paper packages, tied up with string[/li][li]Cream-colored ponies[/li][li]Crisp apple strudel[/li][li]Doorbells[/li][li]Sleighbells[/li][li]Schnitzle with noodles[/li][li]Wild geese that fly, with the moon on their wings[/li]These are a few of my favorite things.
When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad.

Actually, all kidding aside, lemme add a couple of my own:
[li]A cold winter morning, a blizzard howling outside, warm covers to curl up under and a good book.[/li][li]Kalidoscopes, particularly old brass kalidoscopes[/li][li]Those Radio Shack 300-in-1 Electronic Project Kits[/li][li]A stormy night, a fire in the fireplace and an Alfred Hitchcock movie on the TV[/li][li]Bacon and eggs, cooked in the same pan, over a campfire at dawn.[/li]
Um…or to put it another way, happiness is:
[li]Two kinds of Ice Cream[/li][li]Knowing a secret[/li][li]Climbing a tree[/li][li]Catching a firefly[/li][li]Setting it free[/li][li]Being alone every now and then[/li][li]Happiness is coming home again[/li](There’s something about this topic that makes me want to keep bursting into song…I don’t know why)


Waking up & looking at the alarm clock & realizing you still have over an hour before it is time to get up.

Peanut butter & chocolate together in some form.

Somebody else scratching your back.

Having everybody laugh at something you said.

Megling – “Matching bra and underwear sets.”

Oh, how ridiculous!

Just kidding! :slight_smile:

xizor – “Having everybody laugh at something you said.”

Okay, laugh! Laugh or I’ll start shooting!

~new socks
~empty 2 liter bottles
~sunshine through light rain
~noble deeds

-Sounds of snow crunching beneath my feet
-New perfume or lipstick, makes all of my clothes seem new again
-Getting an unexpected letter or card in the mail
-a pen that just flows in rich loopy colors
-the nostalgic flavor of Bazooka Joe, before it loses it’s flavor (about 15 secs)
-Dancing in a rainstorm
-watching thunderstorms
-listening to the winter wind whistle outside while you are all snuggy in your bed or in a hot bath
-being completely at peace underwater
-being in a bad mood when you get in your car and your favorite song is playing
-the smell of the beach
-smell of cocoa butter

I love a lot of things that have already been mentioned, so I’m sorry if I don’t sound original:

 Unlined, white paper
 Ball point pens (medium or thick lines)
 Cuddling with my cats
 Going to the movies and snacking on raisinettes and a
 big, icy Dr Pepper
 Getting off of work on Monday morning and knowing I
 don't have to be back till midnight on Thursday.
 Feeding the animals at work
 Lounging in my bed, watching the rain through the
 sliding glass door. If the rain doesn't slant inwards
 I'll leave the door open so I can smell it.
 My perfumes from Smell This: Chocolate Brownie, Cake
 Batter, Beach Smells, Cinnamon Bun, Pina Colada Fizz.

I just want to start off by saying this has been an excellent thread… I feel warm and fuzzy just looking through it, seeing all the similar answers.

*Getting a personal letter
*watching my g/f doing ordinary things (watching t.v, etc)
*handwriting the perfect P (could work for any letter… but I didn’t want to get misunderstood)
*Getting up for old people on the bus
*smell of my car’s air conditioning
*mowing the grass
*My ducky

To repeat a few
*a cool breeze
*a nice pen