Mundane things that give you satisfaction

For me, it’s when I join a forum that uses a system I already know how to use. In my example, I joined the Brave browser community forums, and to my delight, it uses Discourse, something I’ve come to know for over a year from here. I was like, “Wait, this layout seems familiar…Wait a minute! This is Discourse! Hell yeah! I know how to use this already!” It’s a small thing, but it’s satisfying to me for some reason.

The dependable affect of hot oatmeal on my digestive system in the morning. Feels like victory.

There are few things I find more satisfying than watching traffic do a prefect “zipper merge”. Say what you will about California, but drivers here really know how to merge.

I can’t get no satisfaction.

Throwing stuff away when it gets too cluttered around here.

Having a good stack of books to read. Especially if a couple include ones from a favorite author.

Geez, I’m jealous. Here in Wisconsin people rarely know how to even drive properly, let alone merge.

Making another gallon batch of cold brew. Makes me feel like Dr. Heisenberg. Which Dr. Heisenberg, you ask? I’m not sure. Could be either.

Putting on a new roll of toilet paper, and unrolling one revolution of paper until the part with a little glue releases with a little snap.

A good, powerful sneeze.


A roof that doesn’t leak.
Heat and A/C.
Hot water on demand.
A car that always starts.
Many more.

The first thing that comes to mind for me is “driving without shoes.”

It’s a small and silly thing, obviously, but I do enjoy the feeling of working the car’s pedals barefoot, on the rare occasions the opportunity arises. Not sure why, either (especially because I don’t much enjoy driving otherwise; as a general task I view car travel as an obligation to be endured). It’s just a strange and tiny pleasure.

The “dingly-dingly-ding” when you do something meaningful in a Zelda dungeon.

A bowel movement that makes you feel fully empty and not going to do it again for another two days.

Getting the last bill of the month paid.

Checking someone else’s work and finding major flaws in it. The engineer’s definition of a good day.

Putting the new sticker on a license plate, knowing I won’t have to do it again for a year.

The last bits of cereal from a box and the sweet sugary sludge it makes with milk.

when I’m driving in my car and a man comes on the radio telling me more and more about some useless information supposed to fire my imagination, and I hit the OFF button…

When I’m watching my TV and a man comes on and tells me how white my shirts can be, and I hit of OFF button.

Making all the lights on the way home - even the turns!

Coincidence or followup?

lol, you have to ask? I followed your inspired lead.

Coming home to a clean house.

Before I leave for work, I always do a quick pick up, put dishes away, wipe counters, etc. When I do my weekly cleaning, I like to do it before I go grocery shopping so when I come home it’s spic n span and I can sit and relax after groceries are put away.