What are your most silly and pointless small pleasures?

I have two utterly trivial pleasures related to FreeCell, and a FreeCell Fantasy

  1. I like to predict exactly which card or stack that I move will start the automatically piling of all the remaining cards on the aces. And when I make that final move, I say “BAM!” as all the cards move up to the top and I’ve won.

  2. I like this auto-win function to happen when I have moved the least possible number of cards onto the suit piles manually. So far, the best I have done is won having only moved two card up manually.

My FreeCell Fantasy is related to the second trivial pleasure. I want to find the perfect Freecell game, one that allows me to, with my last manual move, uncover all four aces (which have started the game buried under the cards of one single column) with that move, and win without having moved any cards up manually. Then I will be ready to die happy.

It’s really hard to be more trivial than that.

Let’s see.

There’s the smell of a school on opening house night and the first day of school.

The feel of a pair of socks fresh out of the dryer on a cold, rainy day.

I love opening the newest household item, new tube of toothpaste, new bag of coffee, etc.

Speaking of computer card games, I like to get Red, Black, Red, Black etc in the final suits of Spider Solitare.

I also like it when I look down into back yards from above.

I have some FreeCell quirks but those weren’t them…'til now. Thanks!

The first thing I thought of reading the thread title was being first to break the pristine surface of a new jar of creamy JIF peanut butter. Don’t know why, but it makes me happy.

I like making things that didn’t exist before usually for free…which then go away and don’t further clutter my life.

That’s an excellent one! I LOVE peanut butter, and I love it when I get one of those “all natural” jars and stir the oil in, but a little oil spill over the rim in the process, which I get to lick off.

I have one of those 1950s era kangaroo caddies for keys and such (like Butch in Pulp Fiction). I love the sound of change falling onto the porcelain tray. This isn’t completely pointless - my dad has one of these kangaroos too, and the sound reminds me of him coming home from work when I was a kid. Anyway, it’s a little thing that makes me happy every day.

Stirring the peanut butter was going to be my answer! And yes, licking the bit of oil that spills makes it all the better. Also sometimes if the peanut butter is freshly stirred you can drink it from the jar, if no one is looking. Total guilty, silly, pleasure.

Unbroken potato chips, loud music and cold beer in front of a hot fire, getting extra balls in pinball, beating the computer in darts, Squidbillies.

The smell of napalm in the morning…

Ok, maybe not. I love the smell of a fresh cigar out of the box…that smell of tobacco and cedar. I think I like that part more than smoking them sometimes. I’ll just go and open my humidor just to smell it (not sure if that’s pointless or not…I like it because it gives me pleasure, which is the point).

This is a weird one…but I used to love the feel and smell of pressing my kids cold ears onto my nose and face when they were little and it was cold outside…and just breathing them in. The smell of a small child who is MY child and is at least marginally in need of a bath, the feel of their cold little ears and skin on mine. It was sad when they all got too old to do this…but I’m hopeful that someday at least some of my kids will give me some grand kids to give me the chance again. :slight_smile:


Feeding the ducks that come up to my patio. The boy can catch the bread in mid-air and the girl eats it out of my hand. For whatever reason, there’s a duck-head sized hole right by the patio, which I fill with water and they drink it. They come over twice a day until the third (male) duck comes and herds them away. They’re “my” ducks. Unfortunately, they’re the highlight of my day.

A loaf of fresh bread, right out of the oven. I love the heel just drenched in butter with a smear of strawberry preserves.

Tucking into a fresh hot lobster tail, with garlic lemon butter and a baked potato. I like to put the butter and lobster into a bowl, and chunk up the baked potato and stir them all together and then eat it up.

Ice cold watermelon out on my back deck in the summer.

Cold winter evening, preheating the bedding and jumping in after a long hot shower. Best if the bedding is fresh out of the laundry so it smells fantastic. Bonus points to add a few cats for added warm purriness.

When my husband realizes I’ve had a rough day and need pampering, and I get out of my nice steamy shower to him holding out a towel - fresh and hot from the dryer.

Mmmmm, warm. Nothing like it.

Close second is sitting on the front porch in summer watching lightning storms together at 3 in the morning. (only ranked second because usually it’s a little clammy and chilly)

The sensation of putting your shoelaces inside of your shoes, putting your (socked) feet in, and then pulling the the laces back out.

Creating/detonating hypercubes in Bejeweled probably qualifies. And exploding a star gem across the entire row and column it’s in, which is easier to do and still very satisfying.

Eating the perfect gulab jamun, as well =)

I was talking with someone who has a little towel heater in his bathroom - I think I want one of those.

I love the smell of tomato plants - I bought a couple of tomatoes stlll on the vine today, and I was sniffing the bag with their stems in it.

the smell of sidewalks after a warm rain
waking up to pee and seeing I have hours left to sleep
wastebasket basketball perfect shots

This is what I came in to say. This is particularly true on cold nights. We don’t run the heater at night (we live in California so even on the worst nights it never gets too cold, but the house is definitely chilly), so getting up to pee and then coming back to a nice warm cocoon and the realization that I have several more hours of sleep…yeah, that’s pretty much the best.

When my husband goes to bed before I do in the winter so he can lay on my side and warm up the sheets. It’s so nice to get into a warm bed. I would roast with an electric blanket so I don’t need one, I just like having the sheets warmed up for me first thing.

A brand new outfit. Very pointless, and very mundane, but it’s so fun to get compliments on a new top when I wear it to work.