I went to pick up my kegerator Friday, and the box says “beer dispenser” on the side. The guys at the truck terminal where it arrived were gathered around and gave me high fives. On the way home cars would pass, and people would blow their horns, wave at me, and give me the the thumbs up.

I don’t think any thing ignites brotherhood and good will and commonality like a new kegerator.

Finished the bar in my man cave. It took me two months. It came out awesome.

Congrats! I’m jealous, but NOT having a kegerator will keep me slimmer for now.

Also, it’s good to see you here again. I’ve been thinking about your old running thread every time I post about running now.

As someone who lives in an arid wasteland where no draught beer above 3.2% ABV is sold ANYWHERE in the entire state, can you tell me what your first on-tap selection will be?

PS—Naturally, my favorite alcoholic beverage in the world is a quality draught beer, poured in the traditional manner into a proper drinking vessel. I would gladly never touch liquor again if Utah would finally get a clue and allow “heavy” draught beer to be sold in the various restaurants and bars across the state…

I got a sixtel of Blue Moon.

How long does a tapped keg stay fresh?

Properly chilled and pressurized with CO2 (ie not a hand pumped tap) it can be a long time.

To be fair Utah beer limits are by weight and 3.2ABW is 4.0 ABV

Although when that minor difference is the silver lining on the cloud, things are grim indeed.

: puts Eastbound and Down on the car stereo and heads to Evanston :

Just out of curiosity, do you mind telling me how much that runs, and how many standard 12 FL OZ bottles of beer that equals?

There are plenty of people in Salt Lake who have personal keggerators and drive the 90 or so miles across state lines (either WY, ID or NV are all about the same distance from SLC) to buy their kegs, but it is illegal, not to mention that with the price of gas, any savings on the beer is certainly eaten up by the drive out…

It cost about $60 for the Blue Moon, a premium belgian style ale. It’s a little over 5 gallons of beer. So, about 50.

Am I the only one who misread the title and thought this thread was about some kind of device for exercising women’s pelvic muscles?

That’d be a Kegelator. :smiley:

I’d love a kegerator - I used to brew my own beer but got so annoyed with washing and filling bottles that I stopped for now. Oh, what I could do with a kegerator…

This is better than a kegerator …

I wonder if they’re legal in Japan. Something tells me no.

Alas, I no longer drink enough beer to make a kegerator practical for me. :frowning:

Enjoy your new man cave!

I looked it over - I’d be a lot more impressed if it let you brew with ingredients available elsewhere, or with whole grain. You have to buy their kits, and it’s extract-only.

I assume you posted this message in a public place for a reason. What time should we all drop by? Or do you have an open door policy?

Congrats on the kegerator. Mine is usually(when I can afford it)filled with Dos Equis Amber.

Plus you’d need at least two of them, one for brewing and one for drinking. Otherwise, there’s a week’s wait.

So you’re an attorney now? That’s too bad. I used to think you were an okay guy.

Wait, but you do drink lots of beer… Okay, all’s forgiven.

Wait, you bought one? El Hubbo *made *ours. It’s seriously not hard.