kegs & beer

straightforward question:

how many beers (12 oz. servings) are in a standard keg of draft beer?

is a pony keg exactly 1/2 that number?


Here is a nifty chart listing how big all the various varieties of beer containers are. I had no idea that people still used firkins.

Anyway, the standard American kegs are the 1/4 barrel and 1/2 barrel sizes. A half barrel has 1984 US fl. oz, meaning it contains a little over 165 12 fl. oz servings of beer. A pony (1/4 barrel) keg is, indeed, exactly one half of a half barrel keg.

And as an added bonus, some archaic standards:

1347: 31.5 gallons (ale)
1454: 32 gallons (ale), 36 gallons (beer)
At that time “ale” meant “no hops”; “beer” meant “has hops”.
1688: 34 gallons (ale and beer)
By this time “ale” and “beer” referred to strength.
1803: 36 gallons (ale and beer)

Note that “gallon” may not mean what one thinks it might mean. There were several different types of “gallons” around. My own research leads me to believe that, by 1454 to 1803, the “gallon” was a 282 cubic inch “gallon”, rather than the 231 cubic inch “wine gallon” or the Imperial gallon.

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