Kelly Osbourne vs. Lisa Marie Presley

I just discovered (to my utter surprise) that one of my friends (who’s like 27 years old) is going to see Kelly Osbourne. I suggested she see someone with more artistic integrity like Lisa Marie Presley. Then I got to thinking, I never actually listened to either of them for more than a couple of seconds, so how do I know that Presley is actually better? I figure she’s cuter and nicer (by default). On the other hand, she was dumb enough to marry Wacko. None of these are musical issues though.

So what are your thoughts. Which of these gals is more firmly planted at rock-bottom of the musical world.

Are you saying that Lisa Marie is a musician?

I had no idea!

The word “musician” may be a bit extreme, but check it out

Presley is a $cientologist, and anymore, when I hear anyone is a member of that wacko organization, my admiration for them drops to zero.

If I had any to begin with.

Was unfortunate enough to have seen part of LMP’s video the other day. Sounds like an overly-processed Cher.

The best sound to come from either one of these two turds would be the sound of them hitting the bottom of a dumpster. The only thing that would sound better is an acordian landing on top of them.

I think Kelly is cuter than Lisa Marie. Besides, she comes off as being less of a freak despite being raised by a total burnout like Ozzy.

I saw LMP’s video today on VH1. Is it just me, or is she just mumbling the words? I couldn’t understand a single thing she sang!

Or maybe I’m just getting old…

As for talent, I think it’s too early to tell. I think they might be tied though. LMP mumbles the lyrics and Kelly screams the lyrics. Both equally annoying.

Besides, Kelly could easily kick LMP’s butt.

Who gave any of these two a deal, anyway.
What does King of Rock and Roll’s daughter = musical talent?
and Prince of Darkness daugher = musical talent?

I heard both LMP and KO and not impressed.

All I want to know did Lisa Marie learn how to sing from Michael, cause he doesn’t sing lyrics anymore, he mumbles.