Ken "Hawk" Harrelson will work a reduced schedule this year

*Ken Harrelson will be working a reduced schedule. With a few exceptions, the 74-year-old announcer will be calling the Sox road games, saving him the 180-mile, round-trip grind of commuting to games at U.S. Cellular Field from his home in South Bend, Ind. Analyst Steve Stone will be back, working with Harrelson and Benetti.

don’t know who this new guy is and I don’t care. Looks like I will be watching fewer Sox games this year

A lot of people will be happy about this because Hawk is very unpopular
but we true fans love him

Have the White Sox thought of trading for John Sterling (of the Yankees) and Dave Lapham (of the Cincinnati Bengals)? With those two added to the broadcast team, you’d have the most repulsively homer-rific broadcast team of all time.*

*extra points for raising Harry Caray from the dead.

Steve Stone is the only thing that makes watching Sox games the least bit bearable. I suppose the same could have been said of the Harry Caray years, too, with the Cubs.

They’d need to bring along Susyn Waldman to get the full Yankee experience.

Call me crazy but I like Hawk. Sure, he’s a homer. I don’t care, he makes the game enjoyable. Give me Hawk over Buck any day.

One of the funniest sites I’ve ever seen is this one dedicated to:

Heaving the Hawk

From site home page:

Elsewhere the site relates that earlier as Sox General Manager Hawk fired Tony LaRussa, and traded Bobby Bonilla for a nobody. I’ve never listened to the guy myself, but I hope he is not as bad an announcer as the was a GM.

Elsewhere the site tells us GM Hawk tried to move the team to Florida, which right there should be enough to ensure eternal enmity among Sox fans.

They’ve announced who’s going to replace him, but I didn’t recognize the name. I’ve also heard that Hawk will still do the games vs the Cubs. I’ll have the radio on, and the tv muted.

How will we know if you can put it on the boooooard? YES!

I’m not a White Sox fan but I always liked Hawk.