Go White Sox!

Actually I’m a Cubs fan… but uhh…

I’m really a Giants fan, but heck, how can I not get swept up in playoff fever? I am firmly on the Sox bandwagon. Not so much that I’m actually going to get a cap or anything like that, but how awesome for Chicago would it be if the Sox made it to the World Series?

It would be really, really, really, really awesome, incidentally.

Man, I hope the Yankees lose horribly in the next game against the Angels (and I hate the Angels!). I was listening to their game on the radio last night and their fans are awful. Booing Randy Johnson, not giving an ovation when Benji Molina had to be helped off the field. No class.

I’m not a White Sox fan, but I’m happy to see them win a playoff series for the first time since 1917, especially since it knocked out the Red Sox.

I was tired tired of the Red Sox this, the Red Sox that, Big Poppi this…talk.

Angels vs. ChiSox in the ALCS. I think it would be great. The Yanks-BoSox thing was completely played out in the rest of the country when the BoSox finally won the Series. There’s no real drama there anymore unless you’re a fan of either the Yankees or Red Sox. Plus FOX and MLB couldn’t be too unhappy with the Angels vs White Sox since, while they’re not the Yankees, they’re both big market teams.

The Pale Hose have a solid pitching staff for the first time since the Sixties, and that’s what makes the difference in the postseason. They did a great job shutting down the Boston attack, and Boston just didn’t have enough good and healthy pitching this year to counter it. Hats off to the Southsiders, now go beat the Angels and the Astros, and let’s get rid of another piece of this Curse bullshit that infests baseball fandom.

PS: Am I the first to comment on the New York pitching rotation including a Wang and a Johnson … and a Small?

I’ve always thought that if I believed in curses (which I don’t), the White Sox’ curse makes more sense than the Cubs’ or Red Sox’. You throw the World Series, okay, you never get to be champs ever again. Muwahaha!

And we’ll accept the cub (still can’t capitalize that word) fans on our bandwagon. Just stay to the rear so us lifelong sufferers can get a good view.

Lets go White Sox!! (clap, clap, clapclapclap)

It may not be in the spirit of being a true sports fan (or, then again, maybe it is), but i’m not a big fan of any of this year’s postseason teams, and my whole hierarchy of cheering depends on who i hate least, rather than who i like most.

In the AL, obviously the Yankees have to be the first team rejected. I cheer every Yankees loss during the regular season, and seeing them get beaten in the playoffs is even sweeter. Hopefully the Angels can finish things off in the next game. In Yankee stadium.

BUT, if the Angels move on, i hope the White Sox kick their ass, because i don’t like the Angels either.

This brings me to the White Sox themselves. I really have nothing at all against the players or their fans. But i’ve developed a visceral enmity for the whole organization based on their TV commentators. You know the guys i mean, those morons who call the White Sox “the good guys,” and who yell, “You can put it on boooaaaard…YES!” whenever they hit a home run. I want to see the White Sox get beaten just so those guys will have their dreams shattered yet again.

So i guess this year i have to cheer for the NL to win the World Series. But i can’t cheer for Atlanta, because i hate them. Ted Turner, the stupid tomahawk chop, and that ridiculous faux Indian music all get on my nerves big time. Also, it’s fun to see them win the division every year, then get bundled out in the playoffs.

Of course, even if there was any likelihood of them winning, i couldn’t root for the Padres. They are only in the playoffs by virtue of being in such a crappy division. Eight non-playoff teams had records equal to or better than the Padres this year.

That leaves St. Louis and Houston. And, to tell you the truth, i don’t really care which one of them wins. I have no strong feelings either way. A good friend of mine is an Astros fans, and i’d be very happy for him if they won; but on the other hand, they have Roger Clemens.

Anyway, as long as the quality of the baseball is good, i’ll be happy.

Also, as an Orioles fan, it’s unlikely i’ll actually have anything to cheer about in the postseason for quite some time.

I’m not a baseball fan, but I am a fan of Chicago. I’m cheering on the White Sox, but a lot of their fans (and commentators) are so obnoxious that I’m afraid they’re going to be insufferable after this.

What on earth could you have against the Angels?

It’s a Northern California/Southern California thing.

My wife’s from San Francisco, and i was rooting for the Giants in the World Series a few years back.

Hey, who ever said that sports fandom had any sort of rational basis?

If they play the Yankees, will the NY chant “19-17”? It doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely as “19-18”.

Save me a seat on the Chicago bandwagon, please. I’ll jump off at the end of the month. I figure you have to root for the team that knocked your team out, right?

No one. I was just confused because you’re from Australia and adopted the Orioles, and it’s not like the Angels have done anything against the Orioles except lose to them in the 1979 ALCS. And it’s not like we Angel fans have a large and obnoxious presence like Yankee and Red Sox fans. Makes sense though. I don’t like the Giants or the A’s (although more so than I like the Dodgers) and I enjoyed the Angels sticking it to a snobby NorCal team like the Giants.

I’m hoping for a White Sox-Cardinals World Series, just so Cubs fans have to suffer through watching two teams they hate.

That’d be pretty amusing. I have nothing against the ChiSox, but I have to agree with mhendo - the idea of Hawk Harrelson celebrating a World Series is too much to bear.

Thanks for filling me in on the guy’s name. Previously, i only knew him by his execrable announcing style, and then mainly from the MLB website highlights video, and the occasional highlight reel elsewhere. I’ve never heard him call a whole game, and i literally cannot imagine sitting through a game in which he was the commentator.

The funny thing is, despite my hatred of all things Yankee, i really like their TV announcer, the guy who calls the games for the YES network. I think his name is Michael something. Anyway, the reason i like him is not because he has any remarkable insight, or knows any more about the game than other commentators. I like him because he is, in my experience at least, a pretty non-partisan announcer. He sounds just as excited when the opposition hits a home run as when the Yankees do, and he gives his trademark “See ya” call to all home runs, no matter who hits them. And he’s generally very good about making a fair analysis of the play, and of the umpires’ calls.

I’ve always been a big fan of impartial sports commentary, especially when it comes to analyzing the plays made by the players and the calls made by the umpires. One of the reasons i really hate Harrelson is that, on a number of occasions, i’ve seen him rag on the umpires when they make a call against the White Sox, even when replays clearly show that the call was correct. That sort of shit just annoys the hell out of me.

By the way, for a guy who never actually played for the ChiSox as a player, Hawk Harrelson is a pretty big fan. Was he always a White Sox fan, or is this a product of his job?

It seems to be a product of his paycheck. Before the hooked him up with DJ, the other half of the booth was Tom Paciorek - Wimpy. They had a muc better chemistry - Paciorek softened some of the annoying aspects of Hawk.

He’s a home team guy, no doubt about it. The two on the radio are better, Farmer and Rooney, but regardless Berman, Sutcliffe and Piazza made me miss the whole lot of the regular Sox announcers.

As long as the Yankees aren’t in it, I don’t care who is in the Series. The Dodgers choked, as did the Cubs. The only team left worth rooting for is the Padres, and we know how that is going.

Nah, that’s too easy. Every die-hard Cubs fan I know would root for the CHICAGO White Sox over the evil Cardinals, any day of the week. Hell, I’d root for the Yankees over the Cardinals. Cardinals bad. :smiley:

What, you aren’t going to support the Angels and watch as they pound another nail in the coffin for the Dodgers’ claim to be the #1 team in the market?