Sox win! What a game!

Bases loaded, two out, bottom of the ninth, up by one. Wow!

Whooohooooo! Go Sox!

(I loved watching the police choke that guy who was giving the Sox crap when Damon was down on the field)

Lowe for MVP! :slight_smile:

Can’t you just want to beat some asshole A’s fan to a pulp?!?!!! Laughing and taunting because a player is sent to the hospital??? Words escape me!!! AAAAAAAAAA! Go Sox!!!

Can you picture it…a Sox-Cubs World Series…I think some people would be jumping out of windows after that one…

To be fair, most of the stadium cheered when Johnny put his fist up.

(not that I have any love for those whiners in Oakland)

That’s a good point, Myrr. Like the Jackson5 said, “One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch, girl…”

Well, I went 2-for-4 in the *LDS. Unfortunately, one of those 0’s was my hung-over Giants. Ah well. Nice to see the A’s and Braves lose, though.

Now, it’s all about the End Of The World Series. Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox. How mind-blowing would it be to know that one of those two teams had to win a World Series, and there’s no way it couldn’t happen.

Well, my friends and I have a theory that if it IS a Sox-Cubs series, then one of two things will happen:

  1. An asteroid, bomb, or other explosion will happen in the stadium, killing both teams.

  2. At the exact instant one team is about to win (i.e., the instant before a foot hits the home plate for the winning run, or before the last strike, etc…) the universe will lock up a la windows and have to be rebooted.

Holy moly, that was a hell of an ending. I have no love for the Sox (or Boston fans, having lived there for a while) but as a Cubs fan, I know what it’s like to suffer. Plus I liked Fenway. So good on 'em.

Lets. Go. Red. Sox. Clap. Clap. ClapClapClap.
Lets. Go. Red. Sox. Clap. Clap. ClapClapClap.

I actually had to step out of the room in the 9th inning. Lifelong Sox fan but that nearly killed me.

What was with the announcers getting all over Manny for walking towards first after hitting the home run?! Granted, it’s not the most polite thing to do but they acted like he kicked someone’s dog. It’s the friggin’ playoffs! Emotions run pretty high and I think you can understand his reaction. It wasn’t taunting, just exhuberence.

But I think I can go for a while without seeing that reply of the Jackson/Damon collision.

That’s the best picture EVER :smiley:

And the game was pretty great too!


Ahem. I was there. Just came down off the ceiling to post this. Williamson walking two in the bottom of the ninth almost put me in my grave.

After the game, a few thousand Sox fans hung around the dugout til some players came out. How good!

Did anyone see the purported obscene gestures that had Tejada so wigged out? Please tell me what happened as me and my pals were too busy acting like beauty pageant contestants to see.

Apprently after the strikeout, lowe made a couple of hand pumps then he kind of pumped his groin like the old degeneration X “suck it” motion.

So ‘Miggy’ said he will pay next year.

I want to see it before I die. Cubs-Sox world series.

Here is the story on espn:

here is a video of the final strikeout (click on play of the game):

As a lifelong Yankee fan, I would like to congratulate the Sox on their gutty performance. With that said, may the best team win.

I have to say, this was probably the best set of divisional series I’ve seen - 2 game fives, and a great ending to the Florida-SF series. Not only that, but three of the four teams I was rooting for won.

As for showboating, I agree with broadcasters that rip on players for that. There’s a huge difference between exhuberance (jumping up and down, pumping your fists, etc.) and showboating/taunting and I can’t see how walking down the first base line can be anything but the second and is, IMHO, a classless act that screams “look at me!” (Just so you know, I was, and am, rooting for the Sox. And for total disclosure, I didn’t see the home run live, only on video on the web, so if I’m way off base here and he was obviously just excited, I retract my statement).

Oh, and I hope that they threw out not only that idiot in the picture but his two moron friends as well. It takes a lot of guts to yell at and guesture to an athlete to “come on” from 8 rows up. :rolleyes: But at least most of the rest of the fans showed some class and gave Damon a standing “O” as he waved.

That’s been the joke with me and my friends for years (as a purely theoretical, what happens if they both reach?).

Not that I really think it’ll cause the end of the world…

…but if they meet in the series, I’ll be seeing if any of those old fallout shelters are still around.

If the “End of the world” theory is true, it may be the last thing you see before you die. :eek:

Congrats to the SOX.

But you gotta admit, they got really lucky after playing a lot of fundamentally bad baseball.

What was Grady thinking bringing in Williamson? It was obvious from the first pitch that he was out of gas and trying to overthrow? Perplexing, since both relievers used in the 8th were sharp.

Why was there no wheel play on Hernandez’s bunt?

The A’s choked. But the Sox better have better game when they face the Yanks. Because I HATE THE YANKEES!!!

BTW, why wasn’t Kim out there?