Dear Red Sox Fans:

A few words from a tepid Yankees fan.

Even though, obviously, we Yankee partisans would like the Bombers to win the World Series again, we could almost find it in our hearts to pull for a Cubs-Red Sox World Series, for one simple reason: ONE of those teams would HAVE to win (wouldn’t they?), and then we wouldn’t have to listen to their fans whine and piss and moan for the next century about how cursed they are, and how unfairly the fates have treated them!

Attention Red Sox fans: the White Sox have gone longer without winning the World Series than you have, but I don’t hear THEIR fans babbling on and on about the cosmic injustice of it all! I don’t see celebrities from Chicago on HBO specials re-creating everything that went wrong in the 1959 World Series or the 1984 AL playoffs. If White Sox fans are suffering, they have the decency and maturity to keep it to themselves, and not bore the rest of us with it!

There used to be some small fun in watching Red Sox fans agonize, but frankly, it’s gotten old. VERY old. It’s tiresome and annoying. So annoying, that, on behalf of Yankee fans everywhere, I’m willing to make a deal:

If we can convince the Yankees to throw the AL finals and let you into the World Series, and if we can then convince the NL champs to forfeit… would YOU promise us to take your World Series title and then go stand quietly in the corner forever?


Actually, the White Sox won in 1919, the year after the last Red Sox WS win.

Or did you mean the Cubbies?

The White Sox lost the World Series in 1919, spooje. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Black Sox? Something about throwing the Series … :slight_smile:

They last won the World Series in 1917, when they beat the New York Giants.


You have missed the point entirely here astorian.

It’s really all about hating the spit Yankees spit. The perennial frustration thing is actually secondary.

By the way, to address the OP: If there truly is a Red Sox-Cubs World Series, then whoever loses will whine and complain at a level never before seen by man. It will make all previous carping as significant as a gnat to a bull.



The Yankees will destroy you, give up.

I sense the first stirrings of unease among the Yankee bandwagon-riders.

May the Redsox sweep the Spankees and then lose to the Cubs. Afterall the Cubs have waited longer so its only fair.

Well, the Red Sox won the series, but not many can say they actually played well. Too many errors on the field, too many gaffs by the manager, and my GOD that’s a slow team…

The Yankees will not be as generous as the A’s were.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to the Yankees get the living snot beat out of them. I don’t think Boston can do it,

None here.

Can I just be the first to say that:


Thank you. Thank you very much. :wink:


I can’t help thinking that if the Red Sox and the Cubs face each other in the World Series, baseball as we know it would grind to a halt. This time next year we’d be reading about the scoreless 4.768th extra inning, in which the ghost of the Bambino was sighted felching a goat in the bullpen.

This will be fun.

The Boston Globe had a sidebar last Sunday which speculated on how both the Cubs and the Sox could lose the Series, as required by the Gods of Baseball:

Briefly, the seventh game is tied in many extra innings, and both teams have used all of their relief pitchers and subs, and are down to their last nine. On a close play at the plate, the runner and the catcher both get knocked out and are removed from the field. Neither team can now field nine players, and both teams have to forfit.

It could happen.

BrotherCadfael, not only could it happen, but it’s a near eventuality.

But I’d put my money on a meteor hitting the diamond in the 23rd inning.

Easy. Beelzebud could declare a tie.


I sense the first stirrings of denial among the Yankee faithful.

And how does one get to be a “tepid Yankees fan”, anyway?
That’s sort of like a lukewarm endorsement of child porn.

Seven games? Bwhahahaaa…[sub]cough cough[/sub]…hahahahaaaa…<exhales>

Yanks in 5

I was pulling for the A’s, but I must admit I’m glad the Sox made it now. Nothing will be better then the Yankees cutting out their hearts personally.

How is pretty boy Damon doing anyway?