C'mon, Red Sox.

Hit hard. Run fast. Field well. Take six runs every inning, and don’t give up a single one. Do it for us Cub fans. We won’t see you in the Series, and that’s unfortunate, because only a loss to you wouldn’t truly sting, and we hope you feel the same about us. But it’s not over yet for you. You have game 7. Take it. Take it all the way, and send the Marlins home packed in ice. If the Series were to be between us and the Yankees, we would do it both for ourselves and for you. Do this for us. And for you.

It doesn’t matter a whole lot to me if Florida or Boston win it all, just as long as it’s not the Yankmees! The only thing that would be sweeter than seeing the Sox win tonight would be if Mu$$ina was pitching and got rocked.

I am so on edge and distracted today, just waiting for the game tonight. But the Sox sure demonstrated their never-give-up attitude last night. They are fighters, and I will be proud of this team whether they take the Pennant or not.

And a big, happy “Welcome Back” to Nomaaah! Where ya been, glad to have you with us. :smiley:

I’m with Miabella. I’ll be happy with the fact that they got this far, but it sure would be nice if they made it to the series!

Don’t worry, Rilchiam, I plan to be watching this game, rooting for the Sox, while drinking out of a Cubs mug.

Please, Og, I know you’re a Red Sox fan (at least for today since the Cubs are out), and I know you’re reading this. Please help us out here. Pretty please, with cherries. Seriously. You know that Steinbrenner would sell his soul to Satan to win this game (if he had a soul, which he doesn’t).

If you give this game to the Yankees, then we will all know that the terrorists have already won.

Please …

The dissapointment will be crushing if the Sox lose tonight. I can’t imagine anyone will watch a Yankees-Marlins series. At the start of the postseason that match up would have to be chosen as the kiss of death for baseball.

Us Sox fans are glad to have the Cubs fans behind us. The Cubbies are my favorite NL team and I wouldn’t count them out for the next several years. As long as they don’t do a Giants and fire their manager they should get back again.

People, people! Think for a minute!!

If the Red Sox lose tonight, that’s The Natural Order Of Things. We all know they can win a penultimate game to force the conclusive game, as Sox players like Gary Waslewski (1967) and Carlton Fisk (1975, 1978) can tell you. But then the fundamental laws of the Universe take over.

If the Bosox win tonight, beating the hated Yankees in the decisive game, there’s no telling what will happen. The laws of gravity and electromagnetism might be undone, along with the strong and weak forces of atomic interaction. Entropy might be reversed, rivers would flow uphill, and the pieces of a broken glass might jump back together and rejoin.

Even though I’m a longtime Red Sox fan and Yankee-hater, I’ve got to ask: is this something we’re willing to risk? Maybe we should play it safe and let things happen the way they’ve always happened.

Besides, I’m really tired today, and don’t have the energy to deal with universal cataclysm tonight.

I say we risk it, RTF. While I understand your concern, as a Cleveland survivor of Jose Mesa blowing the 1997 World Series game 7 to the Marlins I say “Death to the Fish!” and as a good American I say “I hate the New York Yankees!”

Go Red Sox!

Will someone let me know when I can stop holding my breath?

So I get a choice of a Yankees victory or The End of Life As We Know It?

I’ll take the second: it will hurt less.

Go Sox!!!

Personally, I would like to see the Sox stuff the Yanks tonight. However, I prefer a Marlins vs Yankees WS culminating in a Marlins victory. There’s just something cosmically poetic about one of the bottom 5 cheapest teams in the league beating out the most expensive team in the league!

<pops out of Witness Protection Program>

I’m a Bronxite, and I want the Sox to win, I want them to go all the way, just so I can go up to Boston and party with my Beantown friends!

Also, I want to see the culture shift. So many things will change up there.

Ooops, the homies are hearing me…

</back into WPP>

Aren’t there any Yankee fans here? Sorry, but this Texan is root - root - rooting for another Yankee victory…

Go Sox!!

rtfirefly, the end of the world as we know it would have been the cubs-sox world series. the cubs have sacrificed their world series dreams to keep the world turning.

it is safe for the bosox to win tonight.


Second inning 3-0. My heart is all aflutter. Please let this continue.

4-0, end of 4, and Roger’s gone! We’re into the Yankees’ bullpen!!

4-0, top of the fifth, Clemens in the clubhouse. Part of me felt bad for him–honestly.

Now we need to beat up on Mussina.

Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please…

AIII!! Blasted Yanks got a home run.

4-1, bottom of the fifth.