Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

Cubs Win!!!

Cubs Win!!!

Cubs Win!!!

Cubs Win!!!

I hope they make it to the World Series so they can be swept by the Red Sox.

I have the Cubs in the office pool. But I’m rooting for the Cubs and Red Sox, just because they haven’t won in SSOOOOO long! A Cubs/Sox World Series would suit me just fine!

The Cubs are on fire, and it’s freezing in Hell.

(seen on sign in Wrigleyville)

It’s about goddamn time. They deserve it. Good for them.

Wow…Marlins/Cubs in the NLCS. At least I know I’m going to have ONE team in the World Series I can root for!!!

Now here’s to a Red Sox win tommorow to set us up for a Red Sox/Yankees ALCS. OH MY!!! :eek:

I don’t quite know how to feel. You hope and hope and hope and every time it’s 1969 all over again… except now! YEAH!!!

Cubs, Yanks, and Sammy calls his home run in game 3! <lol>


Being an Orioles fan, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t bring up 19freakin’69 anymore! Thank you!

Hey Hey!

Well, two of the three evils of the 2003 postseason have been downed. Bye-bye Barry and the Giants. Bye-bye Braves. Just need someone to bump off the Yankees and I will be a contented man.

I wonder if there is still anyone alive who was a Cub fan in 1908. I doubt it. I do remember the '45 Series, Claude Passeau, along with Andy Pafko and a couple of other greats. The “trap” by Lofton reminded me of Pafko’s “catch” many, many years ago. I was listening on radio (did not have TV then and I don’t even remember if TV was common or if even the games were televised), and Pafko insisted he caught the ball. But he held onto the ball while arguing with the umpire and that resulted in an inside-the-park homerun. Compare that idiocy with Lofton’s heads up play. That even tops his losing the fly ball in the sun in the 7th game of the 1945 Series.

The TV announcers obviously have not followed the Cubs this year. Baker has been using a PH for the pitcher often in similar situations, and the relief staff is not “inconsistent.” Pretty darn good, IMHO. They also don’t know basic rules. If Sheffield passed the runner before the play at 2d, there was no force out. (Apparently the umps got confused, too, because they put Sheffield on 1st.)

Now that I’ve moved to Charleston, SC, I’m missing all that excitement in Chgo. They’re all Brave fans here. :frowning:

Somewhere, Harry is looking down and smiling…

Awesome, barb. Thanks for sharing. Tell us more!

Yay Cubs! I hope the pigs are warming up their wings!


Yeah Cubs.

Bring them Marlins on. 4 of 6 this year against them. Let’s kick some fin.

Apparently we are an early in the century team.

Cheers to the Cubs.

Since it’s a given that the Braves find a way to lose every playoff year, I’m happy to see you guys advance. I’ll be pulling for you from here on out.

How old does a person have to be to really remember things, or be a fan? From 1908 to 2003 is ninety five years. Add, say, eight or nine years to that and you would need a 103 or 104 year old fan, to remember the '08 Cubs. What do you want to bet the Chicago papers are scouring the nursing homes in the area, looking for someone like that? It would be a cool human interest story.

with the way wood and prior are pitching…the cubs chnaces are looking very good…i hope they make it so I can go to my first WS… who would have believed they would be playing the marlins though…saw them play down there last year and there were under 2,000 fans at the game…

Go Cubbies!!!
Go Sox!!!