Fuck you Cub Fans

Pretend it is tomorrow night.

Fuck you Cub fans. I’m glad your team is not going to the World Series. You threaten a fellow fan and bump beer on him. Fuck you, you are the worst fans in baseball. I guess you got tired of dumping beer on the visiting players, so you dumped it on a fellow fan. Well, what can you expect form fans that chant “Left field is gay.” and “Right field has AIDS.” Sure, maybe the fans that do this are the exception but the other fans look the other way. So fuck you worthless pieces of shit. I’m glad you are not going to the series. Time to wait another 90 years motherfuckers.

It’s a little early to say that the Cubs aren’t going to the series.

And any fan who interferes with a ball in play should be savagely beaten!!!

And I say that as a loyal Dodger fan.

It was in the stands.

As I said:

Of course we do not deserve to win, because it is not as if any other sports team has ever had hooligans, chest painters, and random assholes in the stands. Fuck you too, choadmonkey.

Fuck you. You know what fans at Wrigley are like. When was the last time you were in the bleachers? What up with almost everyone chanting that the other side of the outfield is gay or has AIDS?

Ok, I need you to pay attention here fuckwit. I don’t know where you’re from, and I don’t care, what I do know though, is that Chicago is a no bullshit kind of place. What this mope did, was bullshit, pure and simple, untoleratable, unforgivable bullshit. The only thing he needed to do was keep his hands away from the ball. He didn’t. The Cubs, subesquently, lost. It’s a point you can argue, saying they may have lost anyway, but thanks to this dolt, we’ll never have the chance to know it.

The worst fans in baseball? I disagree. Nobody, and I mean NO FUCKING BODY is more loyal to their team than a true cub fan. We don’t HAVE to be nice to people that come to our park, we aren’t fans of the fans of the opposing team assclown, we’re Cub fans, through thick and (mostly) thin, we go to games, we enjoy the character and the life of Wrigley Field, which is, arguably, the best park in MLB. Granted, it’s not a mall with an infield, but it’s got more class and heart than a dozen 3Com parks or US Cellular fields combined.

You know what you can exepct from fans that chant that kind of rubbish in Chicago? The same kind you’ll get from the jackasses in New York, and Baltimore and Cleveland, and San Francisco. Yeah, of course the other fans look the other way, doing so prevents fights, because usually those chanters are piss drunk, and in most cases, wouldn’t do that sort of thing sober.

And no, Fuck YOU, you addle-brained cocksucker, you’re not just insulting the drunken morons, you’re insulting every decent, fun-loving, hopeful cub fan, from 90 year old women that have been coming to wrigley since before your daddy was twinkle in his daddys’ eye, to six year old boys, dreaming of growing up one day and becoming the next Wood or Prior, or even young Dominican kids, hoping to be the next Sammy Sosa. Oktberfest, you are cordially invited to kiss my natural white German-American, cub-loving ass, you gob headed shit monger.

While you’re at it, if you don’t live in Chicago, asshole, do yourself a favor, and don’t ever come here, and if you are here, get the fuck out. We don’t want, or need your kind here.

And for the record, the fan who caused the Gamus Interruptus, ought to leave town and stay gone, because just like you, He’s not welcome here. He’s a twit who ruined his life, just because he couldn’t keep his hands in his pockets, tough shit.
And if someone gets ahold of him before he makes it out of the tri county area, and he gets what he’s got comin’ then the end of game seven may just be that much sweeter.

Over-generalize much?

Ever sat in the bleachers?

Yes peckerhead. Roughly twice a week for five seasons before I worked too much to make it my regular seat.

Not a damn thing wrong with the bleachers.

I guess since they do it in other cities it is OK?

Tell me, do they have to have security escort a fan out after people around him start chanting “KILL HIM” in other cities? World Class fans.

Tell me, did you chant the hate speech too?

No—and, I am aware of what you refer to in that regard.

But, do keep in mind that there are fans located in places exotic to the Wrigley bleachers who are included in your rant (and, if there is an exemption listed, I haven’t found it). Moreover, I’m sure that many of said fans act nothing like how the bleacher bums act, and perhaps even feel a bit of pity for the Unfortunate Fan.

They would if the fan pulled what this guy did. And honestly, while it’s not just ok kill someone for a baseball game, this chump needs a beatin like no one else ever in the history of Chicago.

While the OP may sound like an idiot, the above line makes you sound like one too.

If by hate speech you mean “You suck” and “you’re a bum” to the opposing teams, then yeah. If you mean racial, homophobic or other hatred, then no.


You’re right, I should have finished it with “But we do anyway”

I am yet to talk to a Cub’s fan that doesn’t think the fan that tried to catch the foul deserved at least a beating. I have heard over 50 Cubs fans say he deserves at least a beating.

Did you bother to do anything about the racial, homophobic speech or just look the other way? I going to guess you never did anything about it.

If a player can reach it, it is still in play. It’s not out of play till it hits something. Make no mistake about MLB rules and the stadium rules. If you fight with a player for the ball, you are GUILTY of interference.

Let’s say that again in a different way. If there is possibly a play to be made, you let the player try and make it. If he fucks it up, it’s on him.