So, how do we punish the guy in Left-Field?

I say that he gets banned from using any writing instrument other than No. 3 pencils for the rest of his natural days.

Sorry, I aimed this for MPSIMS.

If you really want to punish him, just make him watch the Cubs choke again.

[to the tune of Me and Julio down by the Schoolyard]

We spit on the ground every time his name gets mentioned.

Pants 'em!

I think he’s been punished enough.

Make him live in Chicago? :smiley:

Damn, if he’s a Cubs fan you have to feel sorry for him. It seems he was, too. I can’t imagine what he’d feel like if they lose—which they won’t, dammit.

Lest you think this is super funny, the press has now found him, including fucking INSIDE EDITION. He’s got a POLICE GUARD outside of his house to protect him. Why aren’t we calling for Sammy Sosa’s head for missing the cut off man?

This is such bullshit.

The outfit that’s really at fault, the Cubs, is the one who should be punished. They certainly could’ve made it so that nobody could interfere with the ball in that situation & yet didn’t. It’s no great secret that baseball fans have been trying to catch a ball hit in their direction.

I bet no one will be rooting for the Cubs as much as will tonight.

If they lose, he better get out of that city.

They could make him play for the Cubs…

Because he doesn’t hit homeruns for the Cubs. Sosa’s missing the cut-off man set up a couple more runs, but the Marlins already had enough to win. How about Gonzalez’s head?

If the Cubs win tonight, no one will care about this guy anymore. If they lose … I hear Miami is nice this time of year.

On a serious note, my girlfriend’s sister works in the same building as this guy at Hewitt. She works in the PR dep’t and they have been working on this all day. Apparently this guy is getting death threats and is considering moving should the cubs lose tonight.

This is not funny.

He probably will have to quit his job and move if the Cubs lose.

He may also get fired if the company he works for does much business in the city.

All this for acting like a fan at a silly game.

Y’know, last night I was really, really mad at him. But after sleeping on it, and then after finding out that he’s a lifelong Cub fan, little league coach, etc., I really can’t find it in myself to be upset with him. I truly hope that everything works out for him, and it is a shame that he’s the subject of so much ire.

Now, how about that grey-sweatshirted guy? What’s his name? What’s his excuse? :wink:

My thought, too. But it isn’t just the Cubs - the problem exists in many MLB stadiums. There needs to be a general guideline that any ball which can be reached by a fan should be unreachable by a player, and hence, definitely out of play. Even if this means a row of seats has to be taken out in some stadiums, and perhaps a second rail installed, physically separating the fans from the playing field by a few feet.

He’s been punished enough.

As for the troglodytes who are making his life a living hell, perhaps we can round them up, send them to colonize the moon, and let them form the nation of Assholia.

I would like to say that I underestimated those people in the media who not only found out his identity but published it immediately afterward, basically declaring an open season on he and his family, friends, et al.

The idea of this unfortunate soul enduring a few nuisances as a result of his actions (a satire of the threats to do him bodily harm) seemed humorous late last night. I wish him well, and I hope that the Cubs at least win tonight’s game so that those ignorant enough to consider any actual harm towards him might be distracted.

The fact that he grabbed a ball that was clearly headed into the stands in no way justifies claiming he was responsible for the Cubs choking in the eighth inning. At best, it would have been a single out early in the inning. The shortstop (Gonzales?) muffing the double-play with one out, the bad throws, the bad pitches, and bad judgement calls are what are responsible.