If you love a Cub fan...

…you may want to start the suicide watch now.

Man, what an absolute hell of an innings. Glad I’m only half-assed rooting for the Cubs.

That fan in the left field corner is gonna be hanged after the game.

If I were his dad, I’d have gotten the hell out of there when 40,000 people started chanting “ass-hole, ass-hole” at my kid. But that’s just me.

There was a kid there, but the guy whose hand really blocked the ball from Alou’s glove looked to be beyond old enough to drink. Black jacket, blue hat, headphones.

It’s been quite a night to practice one’s lip-reading, for sure.

I don’t blame the fan, I blame Alex Gonzalez. Even getting the out at second would have most likely turned the whole inning back to our favor.
God, I’m so pissed off.

I have to agree with Jim, to a point. I thought it was still salvageable until the error. Several guys lost their composure after that play along the wall, though. I know this is tough to do at the spur of the moment, but Alou would have better served everyone by walking away from the situation at the stands as though nothing happened.

True, JimSox.

Heh—just heard (as the commentators are discussing the unfortunate individual in left field) that the Cub’s brass (along with lots of security) escorted that fan out of the park.

But if Alou catches the ball, that’s the second out and Gonzalez may not have made that error, knowing he has only to throw to 1st. Also, I don’t understand Sosa throwing to the plate when he has no play on the tag-up, allowing the other two runners to advance.

Hey! But these are the Cubs! Have you forgotten? Losers and always will be losers. The curse of the goat, or what not.

I certainly would not bet on the Cubs in tomorrow’s game.

Alright, barb, I think we all are painfully well-aware that the Cubs do not have a long and storied history of winning. Just be nice for a night, please? :frowning:

You know, for the most part I’m not particularly interested in sports, but I’ve actually been getting into the last few Cubs games. It does seem less than great right now, and it’s going to be a tough game tomorrow night, but remember one thing, they did get this far, so it’s not really fair to call them losers. They’re not a bad team.

Jim, it could be worse. You could be sitting in your living room with a 1982 Milwaukee Brewers hat on, wondering what 90 wins feel like, as I am.

Beware the Ides of October.

As a former Wrigley Field security section supervisor, I can tell you they hustled his ass outta there and with good reason. I’ve sen people get hurt for way less controversial interference.

Poor kid, he is going to get reamed for this, and I do not believe that anyone else would have done it differently. The natural tendency is to reach for the ball.

Hey, Jibby, at least your good teams normally get it done. And for any Red Sox fans that would post to this, at least your team teases you from time to time.

We’re sitting here since 1945 without anything of a tease. The closest thing was 1984, but we managed to blow that one in classic fashion.

Talk about goats . . .

This is not that kids fault. He was excited, he thought he was going to get a foul ball. You can’t tell me he didn’t want the Cubs to win as bad as anyone at Wrigley.

This is the teams fault. Bad decisions, poor play - the Cubs looked a whole lot like a team trying desperately NOT to lose.

Big 'mo took a huge swing in dug-outs. The Cubbies need to regroup and relax. Let Wood do his thing and play solid ball behind him and I can still see them winning the pennant. Don’t let all the off-field talk about the “curse” mess with their heads. Just play ball.

Oh yeah, they’ve got a great shot with Wood tomorrow. I really think they’ll do it. I mean, dropping three in a row is hard to do (no offense A’s fans, we’ve done it, too).

Especially when you’ve had it won once. :mad:

Jim, I think the Brewers are a younger version of the Cubs. I’m anticipating a lifetime of agony :frowning: . My only hope is that the Cubbies can break the history. I’m cheering for 'em, I just don’t think I can offer Cubs fans much karma. Good luck to all of you true blue Cub fans tomorrow.

The kid appears to have been wearing a Florida Marlins sweatshirt. I TiVo’d the thing, and went back to look. If that sweatshirt didn’t say “Florida” across the top in big looping cursive letters, it must have said “Flouride”.

Kinda Bucknerish… :frowning:

With Wood going tomorrow, you guys still have a good chance. Dusty will get them in the right frame of mind. :wink: