Sore Losers [Cubs fans and home runs]

After one of the Dogders’ home runs, a Cub fan who had caught the ball threw it back out onto the field. I felt that this was unbelievably poor sportsmanship and incredibly rude. I asked my husband if this was a typical occurence (Jesus, I can never spell that correctly!) and he said, “No…Cubs fans are just assholes.” What is the truth? I’ve never seen this happen in any ballgame I’ve ever watched. I do feel that there is a factual answer (not to the are-cubs-fans-assholes-question) to whether or not this is a rarity or a common thing.

I don’t get it – is the ball returned to play in that event or something?

Otherwise, why is it a big deal?

(In case it’s not obvious, I know next to nothing about baseball, and yes, I’m an American.)

No, it’s still a home run. It’s just the fans way of saying they’d rather not get to take a ball home than to take a home run ball hit by the opposing team. It’s not a big deal, but it is tradition.

A ball hit into the stands becomes the property of the fan who catches it and that fan keeps it as a souvenir, regardless of which team hits it. Cubs fans are a bit different and throw the ball back if it is from the opposing team. God, who despises poor sportsmanship, has decided to withhold a World Series Championship from the Cubbies until they learn some manners. This is the only known instance in the history of the world of God directly punishing someone for being rude. Normally God follows the Prime Directive.

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It’s tradition in Wrigley, and baseball is a game of tradition. I have no problem with it in Wrigley, but I’m a bit distressed to see it occasionally show up in other ballparks.

The last time I went to a game at Comiskey (US Cellular), a fan threw a homer back, and was promptly booed by hsi section, and then escorted out of the stadium.

Long time Cub fan, and this is true. Fans are allowed to throw homerun balls back if an opposing team hits it. Any other instance of throwing a ball back (warmup tosses from players into the bleachers, etc.) will result in an ejection from the park. It’s been this way as long as I can remember,

A little inside info for you. Some fans actually bring a non regulation baseball into the stands with them and, should they be so lucky as to catch a homerun ball from the opposing team, will throw that one back instead. Shhhh. It’s a secret.:wink:

On a semi related note - at the home stadium of the University of Oklahoma football team, any and all balls kicked into the stands by the visiting team are thrown backwards row by row, then finally out of the stadium.

They’re returned to the team everywhere else I know of - the teams own the K balls, and keep them in good shape for the kicking game generally.


Now this I find puzzling:confused:

What would the returner of the ball have done wrong?

As far as I can see it he just didn’t want the damn thing so tossed it back. OK he could have given it someone else but he was feeling mean.

You merkins are a funny bunch;)

BTW. I’ve been to Wrigley and man was I bored:D

He committed the sin of acting like a Cubs fan while in the White Sox ballpark. There is a big cultural rift between Cubs and Sox fans in Chicago - they really don’t like each other. Since throwing the ball back was invented by Cubs fans, the practice must be disdained by White Sox fans.

As for rudeness - is it any ruder than booing someone? I guarantee you that no one’s feelings are hurt when a Cubs fan throws back a home run ball. Some things are out of bounds, such as getting personal when heckling a player, but in my opinion throwing back a home run ball is pretty mild.

In many ballparks throwing anything onto the field is cause for ejection or arrest. I once saw someone get busted for throwing his cell phone at Carl Everett in right field at the Oakland Coliseum. The phone hit Everett in the back of the head. I can understand having a blanket rule against throwing anything (including home run balls) for the sake of safety. I can also understand making an exception for home run balls, especially at Wrigley where it’s a tradition.

I still fail to see why this was just cause in having him kicked out of the ground.

Throwing a cell phone yes, but not simply returning the ball from whence it came

There have been instances of debris from the stands ending up too close to the field and being confused for a live ball. Imagine the trouble an actual ball on the field could cause. At Wrigley, they’re prepared for such an event but not elsewhere.

Musta been a soocer game eh?(I mean non-american football)

Now you’re being silly aintcha?

tell you what, I’d rather walk around town with a 2" nail in my shoe than ever watch baseball (aka rounders) or American Football (aka Rugby) ever again

This wasn’t always the case. Here’s an interesting article about a souvenir-seeking eleven-year-old buy who ran afoul (heh!) of Phillies owner William Baker in 1923.

This is unfortunately becoming a “tradition” at Citizen’s Bank Park, the Philadelphia Phillies stadium. In fact, you can expect a chorus of boos from the entire stadium if you don’t throw an opposing home run ball back.

This is the way it is at Great American Ballpark with the Reds, too. I don’t find it unfortunate, though. It’s just the fan’s way of expressing disgust that they got homered on by the opposing team. As long as the fan just tosses the ball onto an unoccupied spot on the field, I don’t see why it’s a big deal.