Wrigley Field - Can You Still Throw an Opposing Home Run Ball Back?

Signage around the bleachers at Wrigley Field seemed to suggest that throwing something onto the field would get you escorted out by security. However, a long-beloved tradition is to throw an opposing team’s home run ball back onto the field.

Is this still allowed to go on, or have the Cubs cracked down on this?

Not as of two weeks ago. If you don’t you’ll get shouted at until you do it. Throw it back, throw it back!

ETA- This is undestood to be a polite toss. If you were to say chuck it as hard as you could at the back of Ken Griffy Jr’s head you might be in for a bit of trouble as awesome as that might be.

That would be a pretty awesome toss if as a Cubs fan at Wrigley you threw an opposing home run ball and hit Ken Griffey Jr. , at least assuming you threw it in the half inning in which it was hit and threw from near where it was caught. I bet if you did that they’d not only not kick you out, they’d probably ask if you can hit as well as you can throw and start making tryout arrangements.

I mean, in the easiest throw in that scenario would be nailing him from the bleachers as he’s rounding second, right?

I wonder what would’ve happened had Bonds hit the HR record in Wrigley? Would the ball be thrown back?

Maybe a hand greanade?

Depends on the fan coming up with the ball, but if you did that, man, you’d be a legend. Carte blanche at Harry Caray’s, free beer at the Cubbie Bear for life, a piggy back ride from Mongo McMichael, the world would be your oyster. You’d be the anti Bartman…

Happened once or twice today. Everybody was knocking 'em out of the park.

I’ve heard stories of fans bringing “dummy” balls to the ballpark to throw back. Probably something along those lines.