Dear Red Sox Fans:

Why all this baseball talk, haven’t you folks noticed it’s football seson?

Because the Superbowl ain’t for months.

First off, I hate the Yankees.

I would rather eat the dead flesh sloughing off a leper’s ass than have the Yankees win the series.

Having gotten that out of the way, I hope the Bronx Bombers pound the Sox into the turf. I can then enjoy the traditional Bostonian post-season weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth while rooting for the senior circuit in the series.

The Sox really have their work cut out for them. Their rotation is all out of order, Lowe pitched last night, they have no closer, and their centerfielder just got a concussion. The Yanks, OTOH, have a set up rotation, 4 starters who all just pitched great games, a closer who’s back in form, and all their starters ready to go.

Good luck, you’ll need it.

While a certain amount of lamentation is intrinsic to being a Red Sox fan, for true whining you can’t beat the camp followers for historically winning franchises.

Excluding the “true Yankees fans*”, of whom there have been rare sightings in recent years, the folks who ally themselves with N.Y. to bask in the reflected glory become unbelievably petulant when said team flops. Like with the Yankees and Anaheim last year.

And for another pungent example of bandwagon riders, take the Ohio State Buckeyes. A large subset of fans was griping all last year about the quality of OSU’s victories, even as the team was heading for a national football championship.
And just wait until they drop 2 or 3 of their remaining games this year.
*Of course, everyone who has voiced pro-Yankees sentiment in this thread must be viewed as a “true Yankees fan”. :smiley:

Cheesesteak, gotta disagree with some of your premises. Wakefield is starting Game 1 on full rest, Lowe will be in as good a shape as if his inning last night had been on the sidelines, and if not then Burkett or Suppan will go on full rest. Pedro will be on full rest Saturday. The closer is Williamson, not nobody, who will also be adequately rested. Damon just got his bell rung - he’d have gone back in if it were football; and the way he’s been hitting lately Kapler or Brown will do just as well (I’d bet on Brown, who’s even better defensively).

This curse crap is tiresome, I agree. It’s basically a moneymaking scheme for Dan Shaughnessy, and an angle for media people desperate to fill their coverage quotas. The team’s chronic failure to win the Series over the decades is mainly attributable to inadequate talent due to inadequate management and to smaller budgets than New York has.

“Yankees Suck” is pretty obnoxious, too. Not only is it totally classless, it isn’t true on any level. It used to be, in the Billy Martin / Reggie Jackson era, but not under Torre, who’s as fine a sportsman as you’ll find.

Just let’s watch some good baseball and enjoy what happens.

No, it’s true on every level.

Dear Red Sox Fans:

Your team shouldn’t even still be playing.

The A’s got royally fucked by the BS interference call.

Really? I had no idea they swung that way. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you…


Which one? If it was last night, I didn’t see much of the game so I can’t comment. If it was the A’s batter strolling in front of the Sox’s catcher when he was trying to make the throw to second the other day, that was as clear a case of interference as any I’ve ever seen. Don’t you even know the rules of baseball?

As a Yankee fan, I must say that I find the whole Yankees - Red Sox thing tiresome as well. It can’t be a rivalry when one team ALWAYS wins. I don’t root against the Red Sox at all. To me it is like rooting against an orphan or a disabled person.

Now don’t get me started on Seattle…

Hehe, don’t pull a “Buckner” either.

Isn’t leading with Wakefield and Burkett a textbook example of having your rotation out of order?

I am an avid Red Sox fan and I am worried about the rotation. I would be thrilled if we take one of the first two, but my hopes aren’t high. However, game three would be (I presume) Lowe v. Clemens which is very winnable for the Sox. Game four would be Pedro v Weaver which they should certainly win. So we may be 2-2 going into game five, which isn’t a disaster by any means.

The Game 2 starter for Boston will be Lowe. He’s just said so. That makes Game 3 Martinez vs. either Clemens or Pettitte.

I must have misread that - Jeff Weaver is on the playoff roster, not the layoff roster? Easy pickings.

fruitbat, Weaver better not have any job in this series other than to eat up some innings in a lost-cause game. He’s been a complete disappointment ever since he got here, and doesn’t, IMHO, deserve a post season roster spot. Game 4 will likely be Wells, just like in the Twins series. Certainly the Sox would have the advantage there, but Wells can put up 7 innings of 1-2 run ball against just about anyone.

Unless Grady Little is setting the Yankees lineup or David Wells is hit by a meteor, Jeff Weaver won’t be starting any games.

Nobody can draw a triple-simulpost like Jeff Weaver.

Although I state the obvious, for the sloping-forehead Bah-ston crowd I’ll say it s-l-o-w-l-y:


Now go chase your asses out of Bickford’s and get to work…

Look. It’s all about the Curse of the Bambino. The Red Sox can not win… hell, the Cubs are in the series.

Dudes, signs and portents. Signs and portents!