Ken Lay should've died in prison

IAAL but I cannot understand why the late (to my mind unlamented) Kenny Boy Lay died at a resort in Aspen rather than behind the walls of a federal prison. I understand that he had not been sentenced yet, but to that I say, so what? Shouldn’t he have been handcuffed and sent off to prison as soon as he was convicted? The jailers could’ve easily brought him back to the courthouse to be sentenced in September, assuming, of course, that his sentence was going to require a longer prison term than the time between the date of conviction and the date of sentence. He should’ve spent the interim time between being convicted and being sentenced as a “guest of the state”.

You don’t have to serve your sentence before you are sentenced unless you are some kind of danger to society such as a violent criminal.

If it makes you feel any better, Lay got to hear the word “guilty” over and over before he died and he spent his final days thinking about his impending prison stay. All the swank resorts in Aspen wouldn’t be enough to knock that thought out of my mind. The stress of the situation also might have helped to push him over the edge.

This way the state saved money. Money it could be using to pay for the welfare or healthcare of those who Lay robbed through his vile financial actions.

Bull. The pittance the state incrementally saved by not having to incarcerate Lay for a couple of months was never going to be spent on compensating Enron’s victims.

Even if that is true, it is pointless and absurd. Assuming there was an available cot in any federal prison for him to use , then to me there is no rationale reason why he got to spend his last days in Aspen instead of looling out at the world from the inside of a federal prison.

And I’ve had clients who were able to schedule their jail time even though some would consider that they were dangers to society, ie, first offenders convicted of drunk driving who were sentenced to Ohio’s mandatory 3 days in jail. Court here frequently allow them to coordinate their jail time with their vacation dates so that they don’t lose their jobs. Kenny boy didn’t have that concern. If I had my druthers all his assets would’ve been seized and assuming he was free until sentencing, he’d have had only a bare miminum to live on. Let him stay in a two bedroom walk-up apartment in Houston rather than a fancy Aspen resort.

I said it could be used for that, or any number of good causes, not that it will be. I’d rather the money were used on- well, anything else, really, than on punishing an old, sick man, no matter how deserving. Better he died.

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