KenKoh Reflexology Sandals

Does anyone have/wear these sandals? If so, what has been your experience?

I bought some AGES ago (probably late 70’s) and just discovered them in the back of my closet. As I recall, I never wore them long enough to get past where they just made the skin on the bottoms of my feet sore. (I’ve always had tender feet and can’t tolerate the salt-scrub thing that the pedicure lady wants to do on me.) OTOH I had friends who wore the reflexology sandals all day everywhere and loved them.

Not especially interested in whether you think reflexology itself has any merit-- I don’t know if it does or doesn’t. I *am *interested in people who tried these and love them or tried them and hated them. If you love them, how long til you got used to them? DO you think they have benefited you in some way more than ordinary flip-flops?

You can get flip-flops with those little nubblie thingies for a lot less than 99 dollars, I used to have a couple of pairs and they irritated my feet for a few days and then it was fine. I wouldn’t say they completely rejuvenated my legs (because I sincerely doubt there’s any truth to the idea that your shoes are going to break up chunks of crystallized acid.) or anything but as far as flip flops go they were perfectly serviceable.