Does anyone like those foot massaging flip flops?!

So I was at Sports Authority and I needed new flip flops, so I snagged a pair of these Adidas foot massaging flip flops. I put them on and pad around the aisle, nothing too big, feel okay if a little odd but I’ll try them out.

Check out, bag 'em and head home. Life is normal.

Next day I put them on and start my day. Halfway through the day I’m in too much pain so I switch out for the pair of sneakers I had left in my back seat. I mean, these things are painful!!!

Does anyone like these?

– IG

I wear them and I love them, but I needed to get used to them an hour or so at a time, walking around the house. Now I can wear them all day.

The opposite for me–they feel good when I put them on, but if I walk in them for too long my feet get cramps.

So I use them as shower shoes and wear them only from the shower to the pool in my gym (which, in fairness, is about a quarter of a mile).

I have those and I wear them to the pool as my pool shoes, but I will slip them on after a day in steel-toe work boots or after a long day of hiking.

They’re my fav “relax-the-feet” shoes.

To wear them all day can be trying if you have “tender” feet.

I had a pair about five years ago. I wore them pretty much constantly and they were very comfortable once I got used to them.

Unfortunately, the first time I wore them it was a long day with lots of walking and I didn’t have another pair of shoes with me - I got quarter sized blisters on the balls of both feet. If you ease into wearing them it isn’t a problem. Just wear them around the house or for short time periods first.


The first couple of times are pretty painful, break your feet in slowly.

they’re painful to me too. And I’m a DANCER. I wear shoes with wooden boxes on the toe, no problem! I’ve had my bare feet stepped on by someone in tap shoes! no tender feet here.

What I’d really like to know is… after all that breaking in, are they actually comfortable enough to make it worth it? Or are they, at their best, just “not painful”?

I actually find them really enjoyable to wear now. And it’s a matter of breaking your foot in rather than the shoe - now that I’m used to wearing them, I can wear a new pair right away without any problem.

This is true. Once you get used to them you can wear them all day. I wore mine to work today (my work environment is very casual).

I have flip flops on in the office today! But I don’t really like the foot massaging ones. Feels funky to me. No pain, just funk.