These boots are made for walking... (lame)

…and that’s just what they’ll do,
One of these days these boots–are going to be kicked to the curb!
Now, a Goddess of Love must be stylish. There’s no question about it. And how better to be trés chic than with a new pair of shoes?

I’m not a shoe person by nature. I own one pair of heels, mud-spattered fleece-lined winter boots, well-worn sneakers, and fuzzy blue slippers–that’s it.

But these boots are something else. The sleek, shiny black leather, the rounded square toe, the chunky soles and low heel… everything about them screams high fashion. They’re trendy, debonair, dashing–simply stunning.

But do they fit my inserts for my flat feet? NO. I’ve been standing and walking all day, and now my feet feel like they’re flaming crucibles of agonizing pain! I’m hobbling, limping up stairs, wobbling weakly around the house, clinging to walls for support! I’ve been crippled in the name of haute couture!

Boots, I’m seriously considering throwing you in the trash. OW.

I hear ya. I went to a Christmas party last nght and wore my favorite retro party dress. And the shoes that look best with that dress are my patent pumps. Usually, I go into training for a week or two to wear these shoes but this time I wore 'em on a whim. My feet were killing me. (but I garnered a “sublime” from my coach so I guess it was worth it. :slight_smile: )

Anyway, I loooove the look of heels but they don’t love me. My advice is to start gradually, wearing the boots for short periods of times and let your feet adapt. If the heel is higher than you’re used to wearing (you say low heel but it sounds like you mostly wear flats), can you fit a small insert down at the toe for the ball of your foot? I find that makes a lot of dress shoes more comfortable…

I’ve had a few pairs of shoes and boots that look cute but that I cannot wear w/o crippling pain. After having them sit in the closet for a year or 5, I start asking friends to try them on - first person to wear them comfortably and like them gets to take them home!