Kermit at Jim Henson's funeral

At Jim Henson’s funeral, a Kermit the Frog puppet was placed on the coffin. In his hands Kermit held up a sign which said, “I’ve lost my voice.”

Just a mundane pointless and incredibly sad just thinking about it thing I musted share.


This made me a little teary eyed. I’m going to blame it on period related hormones…

I absolutely love the Jim Henson memorial statue .

:frowning: I have always been in love with Kermit, and I was so sad when Henson died.

On a slightly related note, when Mel Blanc died, there was a full-page memorial to him in a magazine. All of the Looney Tunes characters were standing together with their heads bowed low (Foghorn Leghorn, Bugs, Marvin the Martian, etc.), and beneath them, in black lettering, “We’re speechless.”

I love it too, and it doesn’t hurt that I used to walk past it every day traveling from the education building to the math building for classes at UMD. It was a big to-do when they unveiled the statue (Willard Scott came to campus!!!).

I was only 7 when he died. I remember my dad and mom being devastated. Especially my dad, who took the nickname Gonzo a long time ago (he even ran a BBS called “Gonzo’s Place”). That was the first time I consciously recall my father crying. He shut down the BBS that day with some sort of tribute on the front page.

My boyfriend burst into tears when the news broke that Joseph Barbera had died this December. In the two years I’ve dated him, I’d never seen him cry like that.

The description of Jim Henson’s funeral, incidentally, made me burst into tears as well. Maybe I’m being hormonal, but maybe not.


I think I just got something in my eye. Oh yeah, here’s a piece of sentiment. :frowning:

Oh, uh-oh, looking from the linked photo to the Wiki article on Jim Henson, I gots a bit teary at this, too: from hyar:

What a gift Jim Henson gave us: great characters that were simple to the eye, yet complex to the heart and foibles of life. It really is a testament to his ability that the Muppet characters are very able to continue so long after he’s gone onyond. Other puppet favorites, Charley McCarthy, Howdy Doody, etc., aren’t active past their human operators.

I saved this cartoon after Charles Schulz died.

Here’s a view of Speechless that was drawn after Mel Blanc died.

Now I feel sad. I didn’t know he voiced more characters than just Bugs Bunny

Another Mel Blanc story, which I first heard on the 60 Minutes profile of him and which is in his Wikipedia biography. In 1961, he was in a coma in an LA hospital after an automobile accident. After several weeks of not getting a response from him, one doctor asked him, “How are you today, Bugs Bunny?” and he replied in Bugs’ voice, awakening from the coma.

I know i’m not hormonal, but I did just wake up. The pictures are all incredibly beautiful and incredibly sad. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Even after all this time, it’s still sad. :frowning:

He was known as The Man of 1000 Voices. Hyperbole, perhaps, but not by much.

I don’t need to have PMS to get all blubbery over the loss of my childhood friends.

If music affects you, *don’t *click the link to this Jim Henson tribute song, A Boy and His Frog

Again, kind of related, when Jerry Garcia died, my wife and I had only recently got on the web and she was looking at the new VW Bug. VW added a special link to a classic VW crying over Jerry’s Death.

This is the picture from the website. It is on Ebay, so I have no idea how long the link will be good.

Imagine a VW Camper line pencil drawing with a big blue teardrop coming out the left headlight.


I actually have this very picture hanging up in my office in my house. :frowning:
I still love watching Looney Tunes and my kids love it too! I bought it when we had a Looney Toons store here in Colorado. He was awesome.