Kerry camp beats Bushco to the enhancing "I approve this message" punch

I’ve been waiting for it. I knew since they had to say that stupid phrase this year that eventually one of them would use it to their advantage.

Now that Kerry has said “I approve this message because a strong America starts at home” (or something to that affect), how long do you think it will take the other team to fire back, and what do you think they’ll say?

I can seriously see them coming up with something as corny as “I approve this message because I love America.”

[sub]Note: this is not a partisan thread. I would’ve started the same thread is Bush had done it first.[/sub]

“I approve this message, because I don’t hate America!”

“I approve this message, and will paint any car for $199.95!”

" I approve this message, because the voices in my head approve it too!"

The phrase still sounds stupid, though, no matter how they try to morph it.

“I approve this message, and want fries with that.”

"I approve this message…

hypnotic swirling background

… and so you do"

“I approve this message…”

—spreads arms wide—

“…thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!”

"I approved this message.

But I don’t approve of this one, motherfucker."

"I approved this message…

Based on the faulty intelligence given me, and therefore cannot be held morally responsible for it’s content."

“I approve this message … and these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”

I approve this message, and if you know what’s good you you’ll approve it too.

If you don’t approve this message…the rebel scum have already won.


My favorite, by far.

Kerry’s way behind. I’ve used it as my sig line ever since Bush started using it.


“I approve this message, and thank you for your support.”

“I approve this message, and I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.”

"I approve this message

The other guy’s a louse

Please elect me

To the White House

Burma Shave"

Color me ignorant, but… <ahem> why do they have to say that?

Campaign finance reform, methinks.

“I’m Dick Cheney, and I f***ing approve this message too”

I think new campaign finance reform laws require political ads to bear some sort of “sig line”.

“I approve this message … and I CAN’T GET UP!”

“I’m George W. Bush, and I approvalized this message.”