Kerry Weaver bisexual?

Yes, they were killed during the war in Croatia, I just thought they hadn’t reveal the actual details. I was wondering if there had been a priest or religious figure involved in their deaths somehow, but the artillery shell story is soundng familiar.

As for the WB…

From what I have heard, the WB balked at showing a filmed kiss between Willow and Tara. The physical contact between the two has been extremely limited since. In fact, sometimes it feels as if they aren’t even a couple.

I am so sick of shows that break people up and destroy lives (like Mark’s tumor) just to keep things extra exciting. It frustrates me.

If they put Carrie and Kim together, then great. Just let them be happy. Geeeze…let somebody just be happy.

As for Buffy…I think the Willow/Tara relationship has been handled nicely. The openess about the relationship has increased as time passes which kind of simulates how the relationship would be brought more out in the open as Willow and the gang become more comfy with the new situation. It is a change for them. She hid the real relationship from her friends for a while because she was unsure of their reaction.


My guess: Kovac used to be in the church, but lost his faith and left when his family was killed.

Bishop - “God was with her.”
Kovac - “Was he?”

I can’t see what Benton sees in Cleo, either. Yeah, she’s pretty, but what a pain in the ass…

On the other hand, I found his admission of love for her believable, if rather surprising. Big breakthrough for him. And the actress that plays Cleo had a great, subtle reaction to it.

Also, I see a triangle forming with Carter, Kovac, and Abby. I mean, there’s always been a hint of it there, but I don’t think he admitted taking the pills to Weaver just out of guilt; he wants Abby to continue to be his sponsor.