ER - Carrie the lesbian

Who knew? I knew they were running thin on new drama (I mean, how much more can Dr. Green TAKE?), but really. Dr. Weaver suddenly decides she’s a lesbian?

And how convenient for her that her girlfriend is intelligent, caring and beautiful.

How bizarre.

It gets more like Chicago Hope at it’s worst with each episode. Or so I thought.

They have now outstripped Chicago Hope for sheer lunacy.

Oh - and the lesbian thing is fine by me. :wink:

Hey, it’s gotten me to watch the show again. :slight_smile:

And Dr. Kim is incredibly beautiful. I approve.

Sorry for the interruption… it’s KERRY Weaver, not Carrie :slight_smile:

And I too agree, Dr. Kim is adorable. Not as adorable as Ms. Weaver, however… but then again, I’m obsessed with Helen Hunt…

damnit… I missed a lesbian subplot… that will teach me not to work until the sun comes up…

hmmm… <dirty thought ommitted>

(emphasis mine)

I don’t think anyone DECIDES to become a lesbian. [ER fanatic] The point of last night’s episode was different characters realizing things about themselves. We have seen Kerry’s character in only a few relationships, none of which worked. Perhaps she has always been a lesbian and had just not come out to herself yet? I don’t think it is at all bizarre.

crap. I forgot that using the quote button bolds all the type so you don’t have any idea what emphasis was mine…yeah, I am a genius.

it should have been:

Who cares who does the honors? Kerry is one tight-assed woman desperately in need of getting laid!

It’s gotten to the point where every time it comes on, I make motorcycle noises. The shark has DEFINITELY been jumped.

Well, that’s part of the problem. She’s the last person I would expect to let loose with ANYthing. I mean, I don’t even think I’ve ever seen her GUFFAW. It would be so undignified.

I just don’t see how she would allow herself to be so vulnerable to scandal and societal disapproval. It’s out of her character in every possible way.

Ah, but it being out of character is what will make it interesting. Her conflict about it is dramatic, whereas if she just said, “Yippee, I am a lesbian having hot sex!!”, it would be fun viewing if they could show that, but it wouldn’t be dramatic, now would it?

[slight hijack] Does anyone know who plays her partner? And I must say it is lovely to see a psychiatrist/psychologist type on TV who is not a nutcase. [/hijack]

I thought it was a great episode, and that the acting from Laura Innes was perfect.

Note how Kerry acted when reprimanding Carter over his relapse. She was disconnected, as if she really didn’t want to fool with this right now. That’s so different from the old Kerry, who took sheer delight in being the authoritarian. Her new relationship has made her re-think herself entirely.

As a medical-type myself, I also loved the scene at the end, when the gravity of her job and her day all came down on her and she just had to take comfort in the one thing that, deep down, seemed right at the moment. Her face throughout that scene (and the whole episode) spoke volumes.

I really enjoyed Carter’s scenes with Chase, as well. I’ve enjoyed that whole plotline.

If Kerry adopts that kid whose mom died in the fire (which they were foreshadowing with a million-candlepower spotlight), however, that will be the final jump o’ the shark. Mark’s brain tumor certainly sent them careening toward the ramp.

Dr. J

And don’t think the tumour is dead yet…did you notice Green and his memory/gender mixups with the kids?

What, by having a girlfriend? Mighty thin ice, there, methinks…

I’ve got no problem with Kerry discovering Sappho, and I think Laura Innes is one of the best actors around. It’s the whole rest of the show that sucks putty balls.

C’mon. Someone calls the INS about that injured worker, and within a couple of hours they raid the sweatshop? Somehow I doubt it. And how did the fire start, exactly? And that’s all supposed to be Weaver’s fault?

And why would Romano, who has always shown the greatest consideration for his own interests, leave Benton hung out to dry with the press like that? It could only reflect badly on his management practices.

And what they’re doing to Anthony Edward’s character is criminal.

And I get obviously get entirely too wrapped up in these silly fictions.

To quote myself from another thread I started a couple weeks ago:

I am much more interested in seeing this relationship develop than I am in seeing how much more trauma Dr. Greene can undergo.

I originally wonder exactly that myself. I think he (“Rocket” Romano, Rocket88, heh) didn’t want to give Benton a chance to turn him down.

Oh, I meant to add – it seems clear to me that Kerry has realized (much to her surprise) that she is bisexual, not a lesbian. She was previously married, and she’s been interested in several men over the years.

No relation, of course. I’m from an entirely different fictional family.

Motorcycle noises? Jumped the shark? Someone want to fill me in?

I’ve been saddened by the outrageous turns the show’s been taking ever since last season. I was upset when they couldn’t figure out how to do anything interesting with Kelly Martin’s character, and had Carter all schizo on how to act with her (he’s a great teacher and understanding person except dealing with her). Then they kill her off, with the dramatic attack on Carter. :rolleyes: Which leads to him having a drug problem, and finally getting sent to rehab. That leads to this season being drama city for disasters on Green, etc. It just gets less and less watchable.

I’m not even sure what I think of the bisexual subplot for Kerrie Weaver.

Personally, I think the shark has jumped so bloody high that it’s in orbit.

Still, though, I’m a sucker for two women kissing.

Irishman- it’s an expression indicating that the show has degenerated in terms of believeablity, plot, and other such things which make good television.

Well, we couldn’t have a TV show this year without a gay couple now could we?!?!?!!?