Kerry Weaver bisexual?

At the end of last night’s ER, it looked like Carrie was hooking up with whats-her-name, the psychiatric attending doctor. When they first started getting friendly, I thought they would eventually end up involved. It will be interesting to see where ER takes this.

I much prefer the show when they focus on this type of character development rather then blowing/shooting up the e.r. every other show. I’ve really grown to like Kerry over the years.

Did something happen between the two of them in a previous episode and I just missed it? I think I’ve missed the last couple of episodes because I don’t remember Carter swallowing those pills and then throwing them up and I don’t remember Dr. Greene getting sick either.

You definitely missed a couple. Kerry and the other doctor (name, anyone?) started to become friends. The other doctor told Kerry she was a lesbian. They continued hanging out until the other doctor basically said, “Look, I don’t want to be friends; I want romance.” Kerry said she was interested. The other doctor kissed her to make a point. This brings us up to last night. (This is a very condensed version that happened over 2-3 episodes, I think.)

As far as Dr. Greene goes, we found out that he had an “inoperable” brain tumor (which, surprise, surprise, turned out to be “operable”).

That should read, “Kerry said she wasn’t interested.” Makes a big difference.


Rachelle, yes, you HAVE missed it. Mark was complaining of headaches early in the season, and had a seizure a few weeks ago, which in turn led to his finding out about the brain tumor. Over on the Warner Bros. MB, ( ) someone posted a rumor that Mark will die around the same time that Elizabeth gives birth, but no one there believes it. The person who posted it also said Mark and Elizabeth would get married during the November sweeps and that Alex Kingston’s pregnancy would NOT be written in, so I guess she’s been wrong before.

Last week (or the week before) the psych doc kissed Kerry in the lounge. They had been to dinner together and the psych doc came on to her, but Kerry said she was straight. Rumor has it that they are going to be a couple.

Also last week, a patient came in with several drug bottles. Carter saw them while cleaning up and impulsively took two, but minutes later went in the bathroom and made himself throw up. He then took the barfed-up pills to Abby, his AA sponsor, and handed them to her (yuck!), and told her what he had done. She told him he had to tell Weaver.

FTR, the psych attending is named Kim. No idea on a last name or, for that matter, the actress’ name.


I found out her name: Dr. Kim Legaspi, played by Elizabeth Mitchell.

I’ve been watching ER as of late.

(Shocking, I know.)

It really looks as if they’re going to hook up Weaver and Legaspi. Which is fine by me, because… well… do I need to explain?

I want to see the next new episode. For all we know, Legaspi might head off Weaver’s advances. I’d love to see them date, though.

I’ve got the movie of the two of 'em kissing on my computer. I know I’m horrible. Shut up.

I’ve been wondering and watching this off and on. Does anyone else think most of the relationships seem forced? Liz and Mark Greene’s is the only one that seems remotely interesting.

But then I’ve noticed that no one dates outside the hospital, which is very odd in my experiences.

heck, it’s not RL anyway…

I was thinking this myself, although it’s not completely true. Mark Greene, Peter Benton, and Jeanie Boulet (sp?) all had outside relationship at one point. Lately, all the relationship have been within the hospital. I’m sure it just much easier (and cheaper) to keep everything confined to the hospital. I’m sorry they cut out Benton’s family – Khandi Alexander and Ving Rhames are great actors.

JeffB said: "I much prefer the show when they focus on this type of character development rather then blowing/shooting up the e.r. every other show. "

I found myself huddled on my couch last night, expecting almost every non-major character to pull out a gun, or have a sudden explosive violent episode, which would incapacitate or kill a main character. For example, when Dr. Corday was in the elevator with the guy she’d inadvertently paralyzed, I winced every time his hand went near his coat. When Dr. Finch and Dr. Benton walked into their vandalized apartment, I wanted to yell at the screen, “Leave, and call the police! They could still be in there!”

I have been conditioned to expect awful things to happen to everybody on that show at every opportunity. Post-ER Stress disorder. Don’t get me wrong, I like violence on TV, as long as it’s not happening to fully fleshed-out characters. That’s what guest stars are for…

As for Dr. Weaver being bisexual, what does it matter? The moment she finds happiness, a building will fall on her, or she’ll fall victim to a horrible CT scan accident, or get a terminal illness…

{whimper} I’m gonna go watch Northern Exposure reruns now…


BTW, has there ever been an explanation as to why Weaver needs that crutch? Polio, car accident, what?

I recall the “Dr. Dave” character enquiring one time, but getting shot down for it (as he does for nearly everything he says).


Yes, and NBC has ruined the show for me. When asked about mark’s tumor, and corday’s lawsuit- they replied to the effect: "yes- things had been going so well for them, and they were happy, so it was time to fck up their lives". What the fck is wrong with 2, yes, just TWO of the characters having happy personal lives? Note- until recently- not a single major character was in a committed long-term relationship. Is it not odd that EVERYONE is single? And noe they have pulled this wierd thing out of their ass, that it seems like now that the lawsuit is settled- corday is so unsure of herself she can’t operate anymore. WTF? Why AFTER months of suits & settelements? I mean if she was going to get all wiered out about her mistake- would it not have been right after she made it?

Anyway- the cheap trick with Marks tumor- for no other reason that “they were too happy” is real f*cked up.

Oh, not that horrible. I’ve been taping just the Kerry/Kim bits since I knew there was going to be a relationship since the season opened.

I only hope they don’t get their hands tied like the Buffy writers by the network in what they can and can’t show (mostly can’t).

Oh, and they haven’t revealed the cause of Kerry’s limp. I think it’ll be the show’s “Maris”. They’ll just leave it up to viewer’s imaginations.

Oh, and I am incredibly curious about how Kovach’s family died. His anger towards the Bishop seemed more than just “God took my family”.

I think the Elizabeth/Mark relationship is ok, but not forced. I just think she was better matched with Benton. She seemed the first who could really handle his personality.

I’m at a loss at what Benton sees in Cleo. Has she ever smiled?

Keep in mind, this is the network airing Will & Grace, so I don’t expect NBC to try controlling the show too much.

I thought they were going to get into this last night. Maybe it’s being saved for another episode.

I’m not. :wink: Yowh!

Didn’t they tell us that his wife and son and daughter had been killed in the fighting in Croatia? Or is that just some assumption I made up in my own mind?

For “forced relationships,” I’d have to say the worst (ie, most forced) is the one between Peter Benton and whatsername, the pedes doctor. They have zero chemistry, IMO, and his “I love you” declaration in the ruins of her apartment did NOT warm the cockles of my heart. I also don’t buy him being such a hard-nosed, capable, looking-out-for-myself kind of guy and being walked all over by that girl – who caused his nephew to be killed, no less.

And I think they pulled the “bait and switch” again with the previews. It said something like, “On this week’s ER, a moment of grace in the emergency room” – like the bishop was going to do something stupendously important and like that James Cromwell’s character would be integral to the plot. Instead, all that character did was serve to highlight Kovac’s religious ambivalence. We can assume they’re going to go somewhere with that, in terms of a story line (maybe fleshing out what did happen to his family), but it wasn’t very important in terms of last night’s show. Now, I’ll admit it’s not as misleading as, say, Green’s non-existent helicopter crash, but still.

WB tied the writers hands? why? Can you elaborate or point the way for further enlightment?
Thank You :slight_smile:

I remember an episode in which Kovach described going to the store or something and his apartment was hit by an artillery shell. That’d do it.

yeah, scupper, that was it…he went into great detail about how he kept his daughter inside for safety as the streets were too dangerous & how he went to get water or milk or something really basic and she wanted to come with him…piles on guilt trip/irony etc…and he’d only been out a few seconds when he saw the building hit by a shell & there was nothing that he could do…

beakerxk, what do you mean by “Maris”?

Maris is a reference to Frasier. It’s Niles Crane’s ex-wife who you hear so much about but never see. Like Carrie’s limp. You hear stories but never get the real reason. Not a perfect analogy, but there you go.

Anyway, back to the OP. The actress who played Weaver (whose name eludes me at the moment) said something to effect of “We’re trying to show that even handicapped people can have normal, long term relationships.” It probably wasn’t that blunt, but her point was that the main reason for this storyline wasn’t the lesbian relationship so much as it was the relationship itself. Looks like this will be long term for Carrie and Kim.