Kerry's willing to spend $50m in advertising to get a $400k a year job?

Politics 101.

Being elected into a job that pays $400k a year, while spending $50 million to get there is not the point.

The point is power. In this case, the most powerful job in the world.

If you want to focus on the money, spending $50 million to get it that power is peanuts.

How much is it worth to save the US from it’s current downward spiral? $50M is cheap.

This is the most important election since 1972 in determining the future of the US, and look at how badly that turned out when the voters did “4 more years.”

50 million dollars is not very much.

Look at how his poll numbers climbed against GWB and see if his ads were effective.

The government spends 50 million dollars in the blink of an eye.

I know that 50 million dollars may sound like a lot of money to you but for a national ad campain it is peanuts.
BTW Whomever ends up being president, they will spend a heck of a lot more than 50 million dollars to boost the economy. Will they spend it by giving the richest people another tax cut, or spend it health care and education?

You decide.

I wish I had $50 million to spend for that $400,000 a year job.

Now, to get in the REAL positions of power, you have to summon Satan and slaughter twelve virgins, and copulate with the thirteenth in a pool of their blood, and then you have to eat her heart.

That’s how Cheney got to where HE is! Remember: Only the fools try to be the figureheads.

I’ll pile on too, regardless of what’s been said before.

You think Kerry’s the only one doing this? Yep, GWB hasn’t spent anything at all. :rolleyes:

And of course, I’d much rather that GWB get the job, seeing as he’s all fiscally responsible and stuff. It’s not like he’s hidden the true cost of the war, spent the country into the largest deficit ever while giving tax breaks, or handed out plum contracts without requiring bidding.

Well, compared to the $1.4 billion that the Saudi royal family personally gave to him, he’s spent next to nothin’!

Hey man, that’s $50 million he’s putting into the American economy! I say a man who can put $50 million back into circulation (as opposed to the tin can he keeps in the freezer) in two months is a freaking fiscal genius.
I hear the Bush ads are all being made in Bollywood.

The Just-Kidding meter is currently set at: 9

Ditto about the power thingie. A politician here just spend $140K of his own money in a losing race for a seat that pays $35K a year. Ambition, power, book sales later, a fat consulting job in “retirement”, speaking engagements, a pretty fat retirement benefit. The salary is just pocket change for these rich kids, as is the $50M.

Until and unless some sort of limit is placed on the money spent, the obscenity will continue.