Kerry's willing to spend $50m in advertising to get a $400k a year job?

Ladies and gentlemen, the man that’s going to be responsible for fixing the economy.

Right. Very good point.

You’ve convinced me.

a) It’s a close election and getting his name and his platform out there matters.

b) How much money has Bush spent on his advertising campaign this year? In 2000? Both years combined?

He’s spent $50 million of his, what, $90+ million campaign fund. What’s he supposed to with it? Save it for a rainy day? Donate it to the NAACP? Use it to clean oil-slicked baby seals? Procure red paint with it so he can dump it on fur-clad socialites?

Before anyone starts sharpening their fangs, understand that I have no horse in this race. I haven’t made up my mind who to vote for. I’m leaning towards “Randy of the Redwoods.”

But $50 million on advertising alone? 2 months before the election?

It’s not the *salary * he’s after, you big old nutjob! It’s the Nike endorsements, the book sales, the free airfare for life, paid visits to Disneyland…

Well, all candidates spend on advertising. Kerry’s spending his money now, in a lump, rather than later, in pieces.

If the issue is important to you, you might want to read this article on the noted ultra-liberal site “NewsMax,” tallying campaign spending through July. The CliffNote version: Bush spent $209 million total, of which $116 million was for advertising. Kerry spent $188 million total, of which $93 million was for advertising.

If you truly have no horse in this race, you might consider titling your threads, and phrasing the limited OP content, in a slightly more neutral way. And perhaps placing them in fora other than the Pit.

The funny thing is, the people who come here will probably not even visit the thread I started a couple days ago, “Bush now says we can win the war on terror? And KERRY flip-flops?” I’m not anti-Kerry or anti-Bush. I am, however, anti-ignorance.

I found this article interesting. I wished to share. I have done so.

Furthermore, the types of people who will click this thread will likely be using language not suitable for other forums. I thought I’d save some moderator the time it would take to relocate it to The Pit by putting it here to begin with.



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So, ah…keep it clean. :slight_smile:

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How much should he spend to get the job?

Clearly you think it is less than he is spending so tell us. How much should Kerry spend?

Apparently I am being, in some way, unclear.

Anybody who spends $50 million dollars in 2 months is probably not the best person to handle the task of managing our country’s economy.

It doesn’t much matter, in the interest of conversation, how much I think people should be spending. That figure is enough to give anyone pause.

Did you miss hearing that he is married to a billionaire? He blows 50 million on hats every year. And he doesn’t wear hats!

No facts were used or checked during this post.

So I assume that, if you want a good economy, you plan to vote for… Nader? Maybe Badnarik? No $50 million ad budgets there.

It makes sense because he has this couple crunching the numbers.
See. It all adds up :smiley:

I’m not sure. Is Lyndon Larouche running this year?

But do you honestly think that Bush is going to be spending less than $50 million over the same two months? If your answer is “yes,” then I own a very large bridge that I can sell you cheap. If your answer is “no,” then you might want to retitle your thread “I hate how the modern election process requires candidates to spend obscene amounts of money,” because that I could get behind.

So let me make sure I’m crystal on this.

In order for you to agree that $50 million is an insanely large amount of money to spend on advertising in the final two months of a campaign, you require a retitling of the thread to either A) bash both candidates equally, or B) acknowledge that all candidates do this.


This thread wasn’t intended to knock one candidate over the other. If you read the thread I referenced before, I don’t believe either of these two are capable of effectively managing their hairstyles, much less the Earth’s sole superpower.

I think you and I are in very loud agreement here.