Kevin Everett moved his arms and legs.

So says Sports Illustrated:

Thank heavens. That was a sickening injury.

Fantastic! Football is an exciting game, but at the end of the day it’s still just a game. It’s a tragedy when someone suffers such a horrible injury merely playing a game. This is fantastic to hear.

Yeah. Kinda ruined the first week of the season. It’s still a dangerous game, no doubt. I don’t know how the team, and the league can continue to play after something like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that they not play on, but it would make me unable to continue out there, having seen a guy almost die/narrowly avoid permanent paralysis.

Then again, what’s up with the doctor? Wouldn’t it have been better for him to wait a few days before saying anything to anybody (except perhaps Kevin Everett and his family)? I thought it was a little extreme to make such definitive statements to the public. How about “He’s in critical condition, and we’re hoping he pulls through - we won’t know much for several days?”

A brutal sport, for sure. Many have gone before him and not done as well. The field at my old high school is named for a boy who lost his life playing there. I ws at Ole Miss when Chucky Mullinswas crippled. I think I know the reason why men play the game; still I’m so thankfull that neither of my boys played it for very long.

I hope that Mr. Everett has a full recovery. :slight_smile:

You know, the more I watch football, the more I’m convinced that it either needs to be outlawed or have severe restrictions on how big a player can get.

Yeah, this was a freak injury, and I’m hoping that his prognosis is accurate, but there are too many giant people running incredibly fast out there.

So, will he be suiting up and playing this Sunday?

Not sure how much the fact that I couldn’t give a shit about football plays into my reaction, but when I skimmed a blurb about this in today’s sports section my only thought was a great big, “So what?”

Article said he lowered his head while hitting a guy. Sounds like he caused his own injury out of either stupidity or incompetence. Where is the news coverage of paralyzed regular folks who are trying to recover from car accidents or other injuries or illnesses?

No, I don’t wish anything bad for this football player I’ve never heard of before this morning. But neither do I care about his condition any more than - say - someone starving in Darfur. Probably less.

That is good news.

This is why I think pro football players are NOT overpaid.

Any play can cost you your life.

Hey, Dinsdale. Congratulations on one of the finest examples of threadshitting I have ever seen.

A similar problem is starting to occur in rugby - you have 18-19st blokes thumping into each other at full tilt.

You can scale up muscle mass, but it doesn’t work for tendons, ligaments, bones etc… ouch.

I’ll bet people love you at parties.

According to this article, the U. of Miami’s Medical School’s Project to Cure Paralysis was involved in this from the beginning of Kevin Everett’s treatment. Within minutes of the accident, doctors on the scene were consulting with Dr. Barth Green, the head of the U. of Miami’s Dept. of Neurological Surgery and were administering ice-cold saline to Everett, to minimize swelling and further damage to his spinal cord:

"Green said the key was the quick action taken by Cappuccino to run an ice-cold saline solution through Everett’s system that put the player in a hypothermic state. Doctors at the Miami Project have demonstrated in their laboratories that such action significantly decreases the damage to the spinal cord due to swelling and movement.

“We’ve been doing a protocol on humans and having similar experiences for many months now,” Green said. “But this is the first time I’m aware of that the doctor was with the patient when he was injured and the hypothermia was started within minutes of the injury. We know the earlier it’s started, the better.”
The Miami connection runs even deeper than this; Everett played football for two seasons at the U. of Miami, and Bills owner Ralph Wilson has been one of the largest individual contributors to the Project to Cure Paralysis.

Fezzik: “You just shook your head… doesn’t that make you happy?”
Westley: “My brains, his steel, and your strength against sixty men, and you think a little head jiggle is supposed to make me happy?”

In this case, yes. :slight_smile: He’s been mostly dead all week.


I’m glad to see this. Now for the weird confession-

I first read the title as “Kenny Everett”, to which I thought “But he’s been dead for years!”

Then why open the thread?

Did you feel the same way about Christopher Reeves? Was it stupidity or incompetence that lead to his paralysis?

The teenager who wrapped his car around a tree because he was speeding. Was it stupidity or incompetence that lead to his paralysis?
I hope you find a heart someday.

Wow, Scrivener, that’s fascinating. Thanks for posting it. this is very good news. I hope the prognosis continues to be positive.

Actually, he didn’t really lower his head all that much. In the video from a rear angle, his head dips out of view behind the other player just at the last second. It looked to me like he was a few inches too far away when he started his tackle, so his whole body was lower than expected upon impact, not just the head.

Oh, and you don’t have to care, but you don’t have to be a callous jerk about it.

The hypothermia thing is mindblowing.

Wow. Wow on the hypothermia thing. So he got treated at the field, not the hospital?

It makes me wonder, is chilled saline on hand at every NFL game?