Kevin Trudeau. Is he for REAL?

Is Kevin Trudeau, Mr. “Mega Memory”, for real? Can he teach us to remeber 20 items in order in just minutes? I heard he spent time in prison for credit card fraud. What’s the low down on him. Anyone know?

I don’t know much about Kevin Trudeau except what I’ve seen on TV, but there are plenty of links on the web.

This site has a long list of websites where you can find information about him (note that many of the links are to court cases).

This site, which also sells the Mega Memory book, has an interesting discussion of the techniques involved.

He has clearly gotten in considerable trouble for overselling his products, including Mega Memory.

Many other sites reference this article from Brill’s Content as having the best information on him.

Mr Trudeau has now bobbed up in Australia, selling the same crap that got him run out of town in the US. At this stage his appearances are limited to the “Telemall” commercials that go to air during the dead of night, so he won’t get too much credibility yet. He is only surviving thus far because hardly anyone here has heard of him.

After seeing an expose on his Us track record a couple of weeks ago, I’m hoping that the Office of Fair Trading kick his arse out of real soon.