Did You Spread your Cheeks For Kevin Trudeau?

Or not?

I ALWAYS come here when there’s a situation involving my welfare (financial or otherwise) involved.

But I’m wondering how many others may have bought into his malarkey?

(When you’re without, even though you know better, you tend to want to listen)




I worked with Kevin Trudeau for a couple of years. I was a studio engineer at Nightingale-Conant during the late 80’s until I got shit-canned 13 years ago. I recorded Mega Math and Mega Speed Reading. I condensed Mega Memory from 6 a hour program to a 2 hour program. In order to do that, I had to get Trudeau’s OK for the edits, as stipulated in his contract. I had to work through his attorney, because he was in the Federal pen for credit card fraud. I recorded the training tapes for the Nutrition for Life multi-level marketing scheme he was involved with.

I was the low man on the totem pole at Nightingale, and Kevin Trudeau was part of the shit detail I had to deal with.

He told me one day, just as an aside, “I spend most of my time in court with lawyers.”

The speed reading program with Howard Berg was really bad. This was in the day they were publishing 6 cassette programs. Side 12 was Kevin pitching his other products. The program needed a lot of editing, but I was told to push it through fast, and skip the editing. Some distribution company heard it and refused to sell it the way it was, so I was told to re-edit.
There was time to do it over, but not time to do it right in the first place.

When I joined Nightingale-Conant in 1987, there were about 250 employees. It was a well respected motivational and sales training tape company, the best. I was proud of the stuff I worked on, and I learned a lot.
When Trudeau got out of the pen, he and his cellmate Jules got involved in Nutrition for Life, an Amway-style pyramid scheme scam, and we produced the tapes they sold.
Not we, I. I recorded him in Studio A for 2 or or 3 years, i don’t remember many details. Jules did a Yoda impression that he thought was hilarious. I had to record this crap, it was my day job. Trudeau did TV infomercials with Danny Bonnaduce about some health products around that time. Nightingale housed the Trudeau Marketing Group in the building for a while, and the company’s morale slid downhill.
People were laid off from Nightingale in a few waves. Mike, Rose, Roger, Steve, and many others. When I was laid off in March of 1997, they fired 50 people that day. The personnel director had a sign on his desk that could be moved around to say, “Have a nice day,” or " Take a hike."
Guess what it said that day?
I took a hike. I’m still pissed off and bummed. It was a good company, and buying into Trudeau’s bullshit cost them their reputation and a lot of jobs, mine among them. I think there are about 75 people working there now. Trudeau is long gone from Nightingale, and they don’t even sell his stuff anymore. He does that on his own.

Before you buy from Kevin Trudeau, read on the internet about the complaints against him.
I’m not making this shit up. Thanks for letting me rant


I think I’ve still got a copy of his Mega Memory somewhere. I believe I got bored somewhere around cassette 2.

The latest Trudeau scam (can’t swear to this, there may be other even newer ones being worked) is the Global Information Network.

Yessirreebob, for only a dirt cheap initiation fee of $1000 and dues of $150 a month, you too can get in on the secret moneymaking secrets of the secret World Elite, like the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission and Skull and Bones. These Elites will, out of the kindness of their hearts (and the paltry bucks you send in) make you wealthy and powerful too. That is, if your membership is approved.

I suspect that the only way for the dim bulbs who participate in this to make money, is to recruit other dim bulbs to buy memberships and get commission cuts.

There is no end to human stupidity, which when coupled with greed, becomes stupidity to the nth power.

My father and his girlfriend bought his Natural Secrets book for me a couple of Christmasses ago. What a sham! I flipped through it a couple of times and the thing reads like a conspiracy theory handbook. I don’t trust anything in it.

How is that thing legal? They state that they don’t sell anything and that it is not a business opportunity. They are selling memberships to…nothing. I see that they are registered in St. Kitts and Nevis, so I guess that they are protected from US prosecution. Surely there must be some sort of international laws regarding pyramid schemes (even if you call it MLM).

Funny that your link has an affiliate code attached…

I did try to figure out how the payments worked, but got lost. You pay $1000 to sign up. You get $200 from the people you sign up (from their $1000), and $200 from the people they sign up. Well that only goes 5 levels down before the money runs out, but they say that it can keep on going. I guess the big thing is that you are paying $150/month that only goes into their pockets. I’d rather have the residuals! Boy, you’d better hope that you sign up at least one person a month.

Is there some reason why this criminal is allowed to keep fleecing people?
I mean, he has been convicted before, and served time. How does the FCC keep allowing his “infomercials” to keep running?
This guy is a proven liar, crook and felon…he should be barred from ever running a business again.:mad::mad:

And that would “prove” they’re trying to keep him quiet. :rolleyes:

The FCC has more important things to worry about. Like payola, nipple slips, and whether someone says “shit” on the air.

A Former Radio DJ.

One of these things are not like the other.

At least Don Lapre was cute :slight_smile:

I took the link code from a post on another forum.

Maybe that means each time we click on the link the [del]poor scammed imbecile[/del] affiliate gets a nickel.

My mom is 82, full of aches and pains, and just doesn’t seem to grasp the idea that - well, she’s 82 f’ing years old. She’s a great believer, reads Prevention Magazine like the Bible, sent for Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Secrets (?) book. Blueberries will keep you living longer! Bananas will fix your digestive tract! A teaspoon of sugar mixed in vinegar will… Full of useless crap, of course, so she sent it back and went back to reading Prevention Magazine (“5 Yoga Exercises that will cure any backache!” “Yogurt - the miracle food!”)