keyboard for faster typing

i have that microsoft natural keyboard on the desktop, that i like the layout of but …

but then i also have this IBM thinkpad, and while the keyboard there is small and not really comfortable i can type much faster on it !

the reason is that its keys are very light, and their travel is very small ( maybe 2.5 millimeters or so ) while the microsoft keyboard has a rather standard keyboard feel where you have to press they key in deep for it to register.

as a result i have to actually hit or press they keys on the microsoft but by contrast on the thinkpad i just glide my fingers over the keys.

now i want to get a keyboard like that on a thinkpad for my desktop, anybody knows of such units ?

I assume you don’t want to learn the Dvorak keyboard?

certainly not, what’s next you gona suggest i learn azerty ?


I tried switching to dvorak but I was too used to being able to type fast and it was frustrating having to start over.