Keyboard for non-smart flip phone?

A friend of mine ditched her old iPhone 4 and got a basic prepaid flip phone. It meets her needs except of course for texting. You have to do the old ‘letters-on a-phone dial’ multiple key presses to compose text. It does have predictive text, but I was wondering if there’s a cheap small portable keyboard that she could use with it.

It has Bluetooth so I would assume that would be the only way it could connect. I’ve asked about a couple units on Amazon and the best the sellers have given me is a soft *‘probably, maybe’ *that it might work with a non-smart feature phone. I’m not even sure what exact model phone it is, just a basic, new, Samsung flip phone. She has unlimited data & text (email and a useless browser) and like I siad it has Bluetooth, but is there a particular version of Bluetooth that it would need to support a wireless keyboard?

Obviously it needs to be cheap ($30 or less) as the phone itself was only $10. Any experience in making something like this work?

There are still phones with QWERTY keyboards out there, and they’re probably cheaper than trying to improvise some sort of Bluetooth solution.

Trying Googling (Name of cellphone carrier) prepaid QWERTY phone. See where that takes you.

I went through this same line of thought with my Motorola flip phone about a year ago. It was was a nice, good quality phone with bluetooth. Bought a keyboard for it and quickly discovered the phone would not connect to it. A friend encouraged me to consider getting a smart phone since I was doing more texting. Shopping around, I found offering unlimited talk and text for $25/month. (Actually costs me $26.29/month with autopay.) They sell a small smart phone- the LG Optimus Fuel for $30. This operates on the Verizon network, so service is great. If you want internet with that, it’s another $10/month. The LG has a 3.5" screen, so finger typing is a bit tight, but works fine with a stylus. Much easier than fussing with a flip phone. And my bluetooth keyboard does connect easily, but the screen keys are so easy to use, I have not been using the bluetooth board. Want a larger phone? They have those too at moderate prices. I didn’t sign up for internet service with my phone, but I have connected a few times with my wifi to install an app. Sorry if I’m coming across like a salesman, but I like this phone and service a lot more than the old Moto flip. So that is my recommendation.

If you do a search for “feature phone with qwerty keyboard” you’ll get lots of cheap hits. I would think she’d be a lot better off with one of those than trying to use a separate keyboard anywhere but home.

This is not a flip phone, (and it’s temporarily out of stock), but it will give you an idea of what’s out there.

Thanks all, that’s kinda what I figured…

I suspect the bluetooth feature on flip phones is strictly for connecting to headsets (ear pieces), and not for other types of peripherals.