looking for recommendations for a cricket compatible phone

So the exwife and I got the guestling a cricket phone a few months ago, a crappy cricket flip phone that is so basic that it’s barely functional (hell, the only text input option is t9, you can’t even do straight text letters, its so basic and crappy) and thus he really doesn’t carry it when we want him to. I’d like to get him a phone that isn’t necessarily a smart phone, but at the same time can replace both the shitty cricket phone and the junky beat up busted up old (not network connected) iphone 7 he uses for wifi videos and games.

I’ve spent some time looking around online, but I seem to be coming up empty on phones that fall between smart and basic barely functional flip phones, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, as long as they are cricket compatible.

While I don’t have any experience with drones, I would think compatibility would be on an operating system basis and not the brand of hardware or the service provider. It probably doesn’t need to be a phone, either. Consider an Android or Ipad tablet.

Consider getting your son an Android. They are not the money suck that are iPhones, and there are lot of choises.

If he is a tech-savvy, he could modify the phone – jailbreaking and such – to make it truly his own.

Sounds like you want a “feature phone” with Qwerty keyboard.

LG Xpression C410 Qwerty Keyboard Slider Cellphone GSM Unlocked

ZTE Z432 Altair 2 Unlocked 3G GSM Qwerty Keyboard