Keyes sez M. Cheney is a sinner!

Republican-Illinois-Candidate-for-the-Senate-from-Maryland Alan Keyes must have finally found his way out of that cornfield near Peoria.

Trying to find where Keyes actually used the S-word, but his campaign is going absolutely nowhere. Looks like he is reduced to attacking the Repbulican Vice-President’s family to get any coverage at all.

umm- link :smack:

I’d say Alan has just about nailed down the Flaming Loon vote.

With the world so overpopulated, isn’t choosing not to have kids an altruistic act? God may have said be fruitful and multiply, but we’ve already done that!

It has been said that he appeals to moral libertarians. I am thankful that I long ago admitted to my moral failure.

I hope escrow hasn’t closed yet on Keyes’s new home in Illinois, because even the Republicans are pretty much giving up on holding that seat.

But hey, at least Keyes is being honest this time, as opposed to his tortured explanation as to why he’s not a H. Clinton-style carpetbagger.

He’s renting.

How we can go from moderate Republicans in this state (Jim Thompson, Jim Edgar) to this loon I’ll never figure out.

No! Say it ain’t so! Because I believe with all my heart that he can become far loonier between now and November. And if he thinks that he’s got the vote sewn up, he’ll stop. And then there’ll be onle less person to make me laugh.

And that would be sad.

Now that multiplication has finished, Keyes, Bush, and their ilk are busy dividing and sub-dividing where necessary.

From the Keyes homepage link that Lib provided:

And he seems to be completely serious.

What more needs be said?

I guess there goes his prime time spot on the podium. :smiley:

AFAIK, the record for a Democratic Senatorial candidate in the history of Illinois is 65% of the vote.

This record may not last for much longer.

No one’s actually surprised by this, are they? Keyes is a certified nutball. I never thought I’d be embarrassed for Republicans, but the IL GOP has managed to prove me wrong. Thanks, guys, for making Illinoisans look like a bunch of idiots and picking this loony to run in our state. Aren’t there any Republicans already here who could have run?

I wouldn’t put much into whether Keyes said the “s-word” or not. In Christian speak, it would go without saying that Mary Cheney is a sinner. Everyone is a sinner, it is straight out the Bible (all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God–Rom 3:23). The fact that Keyes feels the need to highlight what he feels are her perticular sins, rather than attending to his own salvation, is the questionable part from a moral/theological perspective.

I thought that sect of the population was controlled by Ralph Nader *

*Considering the two biggest candidates, I’m one of the Flaming Loon’s that would vote for him if I lived in the US

Okay, so Cheney’s daughter is a sinner and a selfish hedonist. So what if she is? I’m not saying it’s so, but who cares? Is that some sort of horrible danger to anyone? What about Keyes himself? I guess he is perfect. Yeah right. I keep thinking of “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” and “Judge not lest ye be judged according to thine own standards”. Or is it “Someone who lives in a glass house…”? Just what is a moral libertarian? I thought the whole libertarian schtick was that everyone should mind their own business. I’ll buy the idea that everyone is a sinner. The problem is, it’s just so much fun! Maybe this guy should go back to his cornfield. I hear there are some scary kids with big scythes and knives in there. Maybe they can do something constructive with him. The guy is a screwball.

“Only two things are infinite - the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe.”

  • Albert Einstein

They had already offered it to all the Republicans already in Illinois.

What were the Republicans thinking, having this nutbar represent them?

He’s not just obnoxious - he’s STUPID. What kind of idiotic self-immolation moment was that for him to come out and call the Vice President’s daughter a hedonist, at the freaking Republican National Convention. That sound you heard in the background was the Republicans trampling over each other trying to distance themselves from him. He’s going to be awfully lonely in that election.

Surely they could have found ONE Illinois republican willing to run? Even one that would have his name on the ballot but still refused to campaign? Heck, they could have run a dead guy in the campaign and it would turn out better for them.

Unless someone has cleverly engineered this as a way to get Keyes out of the republican party for good?

Keyes was engineered by conservative Republicans in the state who are trying to take control of the party after our last Repub governor was indicted in the licenses for bribes scandal. I suspect they might be questioning that strategy right about now, unless they still believe Keyes can appeal to downstate, rural voters.

The main reason no “moderate” Republicans stepped up is that they see this as a losing battle. Obama has been well ahead in the poles, even with Ryan as an opponent. They’re looking forward and positioning themselves for a run for governor or other state-wide office next time – and don’t want a loss on their record. Keyes can sneak back to Maryland.

My hope is that Keyes will go down in flames and the moderates can keep control of the party and become viable again. (Same reason I hope Bush loses big – I can no longer vote Republican with the crowd now controlling the party.)