KHAAAN! is 88 Today

Ricardo Montalban was born on Nov. 25th in 1920. Hard to believe that the man was in his 60s when he inspired this comment from Shatner.

DE PLAAAAANE! DE PLAAAAANE! Happy birthday, Mr. Roarke.

May your day be filled with rich, Corinthian leather.

That’s actually “soft Corinthian leather”.

(I now have the lead for SDMB nitpick of the day.)

Wikipedia is our source of truth?

(Nevermind - plenty of evidence in the youtube of the actual commercial - soft, Corinthian leather it is)

Happy Birthday, Khaaaaaaaan! :smiley:

Montalban is without a doubt one of the coolest, most macho dudes ever.

But. . . Quien es mas macho?

Fernando Lamas o Richardo Montalban?

As I recall, Ricardo Montalban es un pecito mas macho.

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear KHAAAAAAAAAAANNNN!
Happy Birthday to you.

I hope he has a wonderful birthday Freak Out!