Kidney Beans: Dark Red vs Light Red. What's the difference?

So I’ve started making chili, and the last time I shopped for the beans I simply grabbed whatever was closest. In fact, I don’t think the beans were labeled anything other than “Red Kidney”.

But this time at the store, I noticed there are “light” and “dark” red kidney beans.

What’s the straight dope? Are the darker red ones nutritionally better for you?

Nutrition? I have no idea.

But I do know that any true Cajun would never make Red Beans and Rice with the lighter ones. And I agree with them.

I don’t think there’s a difference in the nutrition (or the taste, for that matter) – just a matter of which you prefer visually. I prefer the dark ones, but have been known to buy the light ones for a bean stew thing I make (which also has cannelli, black beans, and garbanzos, plus corn), just to get an extra color in there.

I’m not aware of any difference, either nutritionally of tastewise. When I make chili (which I haven’t done in a while) I usually use a mixture of both, just because it adds variety to the appearance.